How To Authorize Unrecognized Things

I have an Energy Meter in Smartthings but when I go to authorize my things in SharpTools it is not an available item. Are energy meters available in SharpTools?

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If the Thing implements at least one of the core supported capabilities, it should be available as part of the normal authorization flow. (Eg. Switch, Motion, Lock, Temperature, etc, etc)

:stop_sign: The steps below are no longer required as of January 2023. SmartThings shut down their Groovy integrations and SharpTools transitioned to a next-generation integration with SmartThings which naturally authorizes all devices on an account without having to make selections by capability.

If the Thing doesn’t implement one of those core capabilities, you can use the SmartThings mobile app to authorize additional devices which at least implement either Sensor or Actuator capabilities (which almost every device should).

  1. Open the Samsung SmartThings mobile app
  2. Choose Automations tab and scroll down to find SmartApps section
  3. Find SharpTools in the list and tap it 1
  4. Tap the Next button to see the additional authorization types
  5. Select your additional devices 2
  6. Press Done

Now when you refresh SharpTools on your mobile device, the new devices should be available.

:warning: After proceeding through the manual authorization flow, the new selections should be automatically synced over to SharpTools.

Do not proceed through the web-based authorization flow again or your manual device selections will get dropped.

1 When you first open the SharpTools SmartApp, you should see the same list of configuration options that you see during the normal OAuth flow with all of your existing authorizations in tact.

2 You only need to select the additional devices that you want to authorize. Any existing authorizations from the previous screen will stay in tact. It doesn’t hurt to select a device multiple times though.

Sensors are devices which monitor some sort of data and Actuators are devices which have some sort of control capabilities. Many devices will support both of these capabilities (sensing and controlling).

3 In the SharpTools for Android app (Tasker Plugins and Widgets), there will likely not be a device card available for devices which are only available in the ‘Additional Devices’ screen, but you can still use these devices in Tasker and Widgets.

I can confirm the energy meter is not available when you are going to choose devices, I’m a hubitat user now, I migrated from Smartthings, the only device that still not working properly in hubitat was the energy meter so I just installed Sharptools on both hubs to see if I can use all the hubitat devices and the energy meter from ST in one dashboard, I have Actiontiles and Smarttiles and both support the energy meter, could you add this to Sharptools? Thanks

Thanks for the feedback!

On Hubitat, the process is similar. If you’ve connected Hubitat to SharpTools using the Manage Connections feature on your user page, you’ll be presented with the list of core supported capabilities.

If the device does not implement one of the core capabilities, then you’ll need to manually authorize it in the list of Additional Devices. It will need to implement at least the Actuator or Sensor as noted in my post above.

To authorize Additional Devices in Hubitat:

  1. Open the administration page for your Hubitat hub
  2. Select ‘Apps’ from the Main Menu
  3. Scroll down and select the currently installed version of SharpTools
  4. You will be presented with a list of authorized devices (the same as those during the Manage Connections OAuth flow)
  5. Scroll down and click the ‘Next’ Button
  6. You’ll be presented with the option to select additional devices which implement the Actuator or Sensor capability. Select your additional devices and then click the Done button.

:warning: After proceeding through the manual authorization flow, the new selections should be automatically synced over to SharpTools.

Do not proceed through the web-based authorization flow again or your manual device selections will get dropped.

I may have misread your comment. If you are trying to add the energy meter from SmartThings to the SharpTools web dashboard, try following the steps from the mobile app in post #2 via the SmartThings Classic mobile app.

I don’t think it will be covered by any of the existing device tiles, but you should be able to switch the type to a Hero Attribute tile and select the ‘power’ attribute if it has one.

Thanks for answering, in what category should be the meter? I can’t find it in anyone

Click next. Should be under Sensors on the next page if the DTH was implemented properly. :smiley:

I feel like a dumb now, sorry, I found it after you drawn the map for special user vjv… Thanks

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Glad you got it! Out of curiosity, what model is the device? I’m curious about it being an energy meter and not also a switch.

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Thank you Josh!


Nice! Looks like I need to add a decimal rounding feature! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep, too many numbers but it works, thanks

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I got mine working too, thanks for the help.

Just one more question, when adding the widget I can select from the following:

however on the web I can only choose from power, and battery with the hero attribute.


Using the Android app or SharpTools Rule Engine, we expose all of the available attributes. On the dashboard, we automatically setup subscriptions to a variety of attributes and expose those in the tiles. Devices like weather and thermostats expose a lot of attributes.

It’s on my hit list to allow choosing from any of the attributes in a hero tile, but it’s a bit further down the list as we are working on some other things like global variables exposed across the dashboard and Rule Engine which would enable you to build even better customized tiles with any data you want.

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thanks for clarifying!

Today’s release includes decimal rounding options for Hero Attribute tiles (among a number of other cool new features)! Check out the following post for more details:


any update on when you might expose all the available attributes on the web dashboard?

Are you looking for a specific attribute (like energy) or interested in the ability to add any arbitrary attribute including custom attributes from custom device handlers?

right now only adding the energy attribute

although i don’t have a need for it at the moment, the ability to add arbitrary attributes may be useful in future

Thanks for the clarification, Shane. We’ve done some initial analysis and I believe we have a path forward on it. There are a few other things that we need to get in place first to enable this - I’ll be sure to update this thread when the feature is available.

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