How to add Smoke Detector from SmartThings?

I have integrated my Honeywell Vista security system to Smartthings. It has two sensor types applicable to me, contact and smoke. All the contact sensors come through O.K. but not the smoke sensors.

Here is a link to the device driver the author used.

Would this be something that Sharptools could support? It does not show up as an available item in the list of things when importing from Smartthings.

Hi Gary,
Can you post the DTH from the author’s original post or github maybe? The link provided is to your ST device that other people don’t have access to view.

Sorry about that.

Thanks for sharing the link to the Device Handler code. Since the device implements the ‘Sensor’ capability, you can authorize it using the instructions in the following post:

From there, most people use the Hero Attribute tile for displaying their smoke detectors:

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