Netatmo weather station

I have an Netatmo weather station in SmartThings using the provided device handler. This gives me an Outside/Inside/Rain in my list of Things. When I am authorizing items to SharpTools, the Rain item does not show up. I would love to have a tile for this on my display. I think its probably a device handler issue rather that SharpTools, but I thought it would be worth asking about here.

Try the steps in the following post. As long as the device exposes either a Sensor or Actuator capability, you should be able to authorize it manually:

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Perfect! That worked and with the Hero setting was able to pull in both rain per hour and day. Going to be raining later today to test it out! Thanks.


Awesome! Thanks for the update - glad to hear that helped! :+1:

I am experimenting with moving over to Hubitat, and as in SmartThings Rain does not appear on the list of devices for Netatmo. Is there any trick like this for Hubitat?

Try these steps:

Thanks Josh, I should have thought to go back to the original thread. It actually works just like SmartThings. Just taking a while to get use to the new format.