[Legacy Groovy] Cannot add Meross garage door opener from ST

I’m trying to add Meross garage door opener from Smartthings to Sharptools. This device works with Smartthings very well but if I want to add it to Sharptools I see the correct number of my devices under “Authorize SharpTools to access your Works With SmartThings devices” but I don’t see my last added device in the suggested for authorization list. Where can I find my lost device?
Thank you very much in advance.

Hi @Serge - thanks for posting. It sounds like the Meross Garage Door device doesn’t implement at least one of the core capabilities that are presented during the authorization flow. Typically, garage doors show up under the ‘Which contact sensors?’ section.

If the device implements at least the Sensor or Actuator capabilities, it can be authorized manually as shown in the following post:

:link: How To Authorize Unrecognized Things - #2 by josh

Another user reported the following workaround for Meross Garage Door Openers:

In the SmartThings classic app I added Virtual Device Creator in the Smart Apps tab and used it to create a dummy virtual switch called Garage Door. I then used IFTTT to make two applets to have Meross trigger the virtual switch on and off in SmartThings when opening and closing. I also made two more applets where the SmartThings virtual switch triggers Meross to open and close the door.

Josh, thank you very much for your quick reply.

The first method didn"t work. I cannot find the Garage opener using your suggested method using Smarttings Classic app and looking for it in the additional authorization tools.

Regarding rhe second method as you wrote I added in the SmartThings classic app the Virtual Device Creator in the Smart Apps tab and used it to create a dummy virtual switch called Garage Door.

Then I have to use IFTTT to make two applets to have Meross trigger the virtual switch on and off in SmartThings when opening and closing. I also have to made two more applets where the SmartThings virtual switch triggers Meross to open and close the door.

Could you please explain to me how can I do it using IFTTT and how to add Dummy Virtual Switch called Garage Door to Sharptools dashboard?

Once the Virtual Switch is created in SmartThings (and you’ve created the relevant applets in IFTTT), you can authorize the Virtual Switch like any other switch during the SharpTools-SmartThings authorization flow. Virtual Switches should show up under the first ‘Which switches?’ section.

Thanks again. I"ve just made a registration by IFTTT. I would appreciate it very much if you could explain me step-by-step how can I create these applets.
Thank you verymuch in advance.

Hi @Serge - I don’t have a Meross opener to test with at the moment, but you can find the high-level concept here:

And the following tips might also help.

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Thanks again for your support. If I choose “New applet” I see “If this than that” picture. If I press “THIS” I have to choose a service in step 1 of 6. Which one should I choose?
I have to create IF (open garage door), and then THEN (switch on the garage door virtual switch) in the first step.
Thank you for your patience in advance

Looking at the quote from Josh_Schadel above…

Anywhere it references “Garage” or “Garage Door”, it’s referring to Meross
Anywhere it says “Garage Door Virtual Switch” it’s referring to SmartThings.

So it would be:

Thank you very much!!! I did it. Now I added Garage opener to Sharptools dashboard and can use it.
If the garage door is closed then I see status “Off”, if open then “On”. Can I change the status to “Open” and “Closed”? Or even better to see the icons “Closed door” and “Open door”?

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I was able to edit it and change the icon to the closed door.
Thank you very much for your support again!!!
Great job!!!

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Is it possible? Thanks in advance

Hi Josh,

I too am looking to use Meross with SharpTools, but would prefer not to use IFTTT given their recent changes. I just recently switched over to SharpTools from an alternative solution and noticed that they had been able to pull in Meross… Any thoughts for a more seamless integration?

Looked in IDE, it seems that these items show up under the following settings/attributes:

Welcome to the community @Jordan and thanks for sharing the screenshots.

The short answer is we’re actively working with SmartThings on a next-generation integration which will open up access to wider array of integrations.

More background if you're interested (tap to expand)

The current approach requires us to present a list of ‘capabilities’ that devices can be selected from. The capabilities offered during authorization generally cover most device integrations. But SmartThings has also made it easier for device manufacturers to (self) integrate without going through the traditional rigorous certification and sometimes this results in integrations where the devices only implement a very narrow set of capabilities and thus don’t work with as wide a range of SmartApps as they should.

In this case, the Meross only implements the ‘Door Control’ capability whereas it’s fairly standard for garage doors to also implement the ‘Contact Sensor’ capability. :frowning:

In the meantime, you could also use a virtual device along with SmartThings custom automations to expose the device if you don’t want to go down the IFTTT approach.

Thanks Josh, I’m looking forward to learning from this community. :slight_smile:

That makes sense, thank you for the quick reply! I will look into the custom virtual device pathway to see if I can get the functionality I am seeking.

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@Josh I’m not sure I’m following this. In the ST app, you can set up the Meross garage door open without the use of IFTTT. It also correctly displays when the door is opened or closed. Can you please elaborate a little bit on this, should we that use this particular garage door opener request for a specific feature from Meross?

P.S. I attached a screenshot of ST app and how it displays Meross openers, in the active and inactive states.

If Meross updates the integration to expose any of the capabilities that SharpTools supports, then you would be able to authorize it to SharpTools.

By that, I mean when you go attempt to authorize your SmartThings devices to SharpTools and you’re presented with the different lists/categories of items that you can choose from. For example, most garage doors also expose the Contact Sensor capability (eg. contact = open or closed).

From the ‘More information if you’re interested’ section of my post above:

@josh This is what they sent: GitHub - albertogeniola/MerossIot: Async Python library for controlling Meross devices

Not sure if there is something in this repository that can help, or do we need to ask them for additional information.

Meross support provided that link?

It appears to be a community developed library for interacting with Meross devices, so I’m not sure why they would send that. The request would be for Meross to update their SmartThings integration to also include the Contact Sensor capability.

Any update on the Meross garage door opener working with Sharptools without using IFTTT?