Danfoss LC13 Thermostat


I have a Danfoss LC13 Thermostat [Rad Valve] in my smart things. When I give Sharptools access to all of my things, I can not see Rad Valve in the Sharptools dashboard anywhere.

Even when I authorize Sharptools to access my devices, I can not see options to select Rad Valve under the “Which Valves” option.

Could someone please help me why Rad Valve device is not accessible via SharpTools?

Many thanks in advance


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting!

Is this using a built-in SmartThings Device Type Handler or a community developed device type handler? If it’s a community DTH, can you share the link to the relevant community post?

If the Thermostat/Valve doesn’t include at least one of the capabilities that we support (Temperature Measurement, Valve, Thermostat, etc), but it at least supports one of the generic ‘Actuator’ or ‘Sensor’ capabilities, then you may be able to authorize it manually:


Sorry for the late reply and Thanks for your reply…

I modified the DTH from smart things community and now I can see Thermostat/valve in Sharptool dashboard.



Would you please share your modification?
I have the exact same problem.

Hey I really need you LC13 device handler
My Danfoss Thermostats dont work in smartthings