Icons and Colors based on States + Window Shades

I’m glad there is an icon for blinds. I recently installed the IKEA smart blinds and have them set up as a device in SmartThings. When I try and add it to Sharp Tools it doesn’t show up. I went to my account, and manage my connections, logged in to my account, and it isn’t there. Am I missing something. I would love to monitor the blind in Sharp Tools. The blinds are IKEA FYRTUR and are one of the smart blinds in ST.

I had to authorize mine manually as noted in the original post

Thank you, that worked great. I’m new to ST and I always forget about using the classic app to solve problems. I hope they never kill it. What is interesting about the blinds is, ST appears to treat it like a dimmer. In the history you can see how it reports the stages as the blind opens, measured in % dimmed. 100% being fully open. Thanks again.


This enhancement is included in the latest platform release:

:link: Security Icons and Thermostat Improvements

For some reason my IKEA blind disappeared from Sharptools. I had to use the Classic app to authorize it again. Any idea how this can be done in the new app when classic goes away?

You should be able to use the new app to manually authorize devices that don’t support one of the core capabilities. The instructions in the link @Chris_C posted were updated recently to reflect the steps in the ‘new’ app.

:link: How To Authorize Unrecognized Things

Once the new SmartThings API is ready and we transition over to it, Window Shades should come across with the default set of authorizations.

Yes @josh I agree, icons for Open Gate and Closed Gate would be great. Moving from ST and AT and this is one of the things I am missing.

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I’ll see if I can prioritize getting a basic ‘open’ variant of the gate icons in place for an upcoming release.

I might have been overthinking it trying to show the ‘perspective’ of the gate being partially open (eg. slanted) and I just couldn’t come up with something that looked nice. It might be easiest just to have an empty gate with just the posts showing.


Partially open is how they usually are. The top icons are what is on my current AT dashboard. The bottom icons I used before on Home Remote.

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We recently implemented a proper Feature Request category with voting capabilities, so we can better understand the level of interest in various feature enhancements. If you are still interested in your feature request, please cast your vote in the relevant topic.

While you’re there, feel free to check out the other feature requests and cast your votes on the ones that interest you!

Hi @Turo_Jantunen - you can find the feature request for Templated Color States here:

:link: Templates for Color States

Hi @Kakadu_Dreamer and @Shawn_Raschke - you can find the request for an Open Gate Icon here:

:link: Icon Request: Open Gate

Hi I am looking into Sharptools as I am interested in the temperature state mapping - I would like to see at a glance if the temperature at certain devices is outside a particular range. But I need to know if the settings are per tile/device or a general template applied to all temperature tiles, since the reference range will be very different for my refrigerator than it is for my living room.

State mapping settings (including for temperatures) are per tile. :grinning:

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Is there a way to combine the power of the Hero tile rules with the Window Shade?

I’d like to have specific icons/styles for opening/closing/partially open in addition to open/closed.

I can do this with the Hero tile, but the actions are only do nothing/open hyperlink so essentially makes it a read-only tile.

The window shade icon/style can be edited but only for the two default values.


Not directly, but yes. You can use the Hero Attribute tile to get the custom state mapping for the additional states and can use the special $.runRule() hyperlink syntax along with the ‘Open Hyperlink’ action in the tile.

For the rule, you could have it ‘toggle’ the window shade based on the current state (or whatever action you prefer). Since you’re manually triggering the rule by tapping on the tile, no rule trigger is needed.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll check that out but also just noticed the nice improvement of long-hold on the shades to bring up the slider. I won’t get that with the Hero tile so will give it some thought and see which way I want to go.

I opened up a feature request to ask for the additional states on the Window Shade tile. Cheers!

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I have motorized blinds and remotes for them in Smartthings that I can’t get added to Sharptools. They don’t even appear in my list of devices when I open SharpTools in SmartApps. Any suggestions? Thx.

If the device doesn’t offer at least one of the supported capabilities (or fallback capabilities), it won’t be able to be authorized directly.

Depending on the device, you might be able to find an alternative device handler / driver… or you could perhaps create a virtual device to mirror commands over with.

If you have another supported hub (eg. Hubitat / Home Assistant), you may also be able to authorize the device directly through those.

Thx Josh. It’s not so much commands I am looking for, what I’m trying to get is the percentage of battery life left in the remotes. It displays in Smartthings. I have SharpTools tiles that show battery life for my recessed door open detectors and I would love to have the same shown for the blinds remotes.

If you’re just needing battery status and you can use the battery level in a ST routine then you should be able to link it using an edge virtual device. Here’s a link to the ST topic in the Smartthings community
(ST Edge) vEdge Creator: a virtual device generator for end users

You’ll want to install the Virtual Devices V2 driver