Metering device view & query

Hi guys,
Just received couple of “Aeotec Smart Switch 7” units (Smart Switch 7 – Aeotec).
On quick search I could not find a tailored DH for this model, so I am now evaluating 2 alternative DHs:

  1. “Z-Wave metering switch” (generic DH)
  2. Aeon Labs Smart Switch 6 Gen5 (previous model DH)

Both seem to work and provide the basic options (on/off) and information view (current power meter and energy consumption).

Is there any way to present the power/energy information on dashboard?
Is there any way to inquire this information and use it on rule engine?


Yes, you can change the tile to “Hero Attribute” layout, and select whatever attribute you want to display in the tile. See Change tile layout: custom attributes and alternative layout article for more details. And here are some quick screenshots.


Yes, you should be able to use energy/power in rule. See below for example that I used power attribute as the trigger to automate stuff when the lamp is on. Is there any particular rule scenario that you are trying to do but having issue with?

Please also take a look of the following post if you can’t find the energy device in the SmartThings authorization list, because the device handler might not implement the core capabilities, like Switch, that SharpTools supports. So you can still add the device if it implements at least the actuator or sensor capability.

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Thanks! That’s exactly what I was looking for!

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