Can Sharptools read Global Variables from Hubitat?

Is it possible for my SharpTools tiles to display a global string variable from Hubitat?

I have a couple Hubitat Global Variables that are altered by Hubitat rules and I’d like to display those on my new SharpTools dashboards. They are string variables that provide status for various home automation devices.

You can create a Global Variable Connector in Rule Machine which basically creates a device which exposes the variable value (and provides a setVariable() method which can be used to update the value).

From there, you can manually authorize the Global Variable Connector device in SharpTools under either the Sensor or Actuator options:


For someone who’s interested in syncing Hubitat variable to SharpTools, please follow the instructions in the post below, which takes advantage of the Rule HTTP Trigger and sync the Hubitat variable’s value to a SharpTools variable when the Hubitat variable value changes.