Access Momentary device from Hubitat

I have a custom driver that exposes the capability “Momentary”. These are not showing up within Hubitat when I access the Sharptools app to select the devices to make available under any of the categories. Is it possible to expose a Momentary capability for use in a dashboard?

As long as the device exposes at least the Sensor or Actuator capability, you should be able to authorize it following the steps here:

Edit: That being said, we don’t expose a tile for Momentary capabilities at the moment (I’ve added it to the list though). Most people who want a momentary functionality use the Hubitat Virtual Switch driver configured as a momentary device using the Auto Off preference:

Thanks - I was indeed able to expose my momentary objects this way, but that does lead to non-operable tiles. Are there any plans to add a button tile? I certainly could work around this by coding these as a switch, but that is really misleading on the UI in a case where I do not have switch-like functionality. Use cases here include a garage door opener where you do not know the state of the door, or in my case a pool light mode where you are toggling to a mode with the push of a button, though I can not reliably know what light mode the system is currently in.

I’ve added it to the list.

Not sure if you saw the edit of my previous post as you may have been drafting a reply, but the Virtual Switch driver in Hubitat can be configured to act like a momentary device. There is an Auto Off preference which can be configured to automatically turn the switch off immediately after it is turned on so it acts like a momentary device.

Thanks for the info @josh. I am going to study it a bit to see if I can use that approach, but in this case I have a separate custom driver providing the device behavior so I am not using the Virtual Switch driver. My driver is a child that has behavior to interact with its parent so I would have to recode that to replace it with a generic virtual device. This still might be the best course in time - part of the reason for the custom child driver was UI related on the ST plattform and that is not relevant on Hubitat.

Hi Brad. I was reviewing some of our feature requests and realized that I forgot to update this thread to indicate that we added support for the Momentary capability in a recent release:

:link: Date Tiles, Momentary Tile, and Hyperlink REST API updates

Thanks I’ll check it out

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Hey Josh,

I’m trying to test the Momentary Tile with a Hubitat Virtual Momentary Switch but not seeing the option to change the tile layout from Switch Tile to Momentary Tile.

The Virtual Momentary Switch is defined exactly as you outlined above using Hubitat’s Virtual Switch device type.

The Virtual Momentary Switch has been added to Sharptools within the Switch group.


Thanks, Glenn

The Momentary Tile is designed to work with devices which implement the Momentary capability. The Virtual Switch in Hubitat is just Switch even if it can be configured to act a bit like a momentary device in that it can automatically shut off.

There’s a “Virtual Momentary” device type in Hubitat which implements the Momentary (and Switch) capabilities and could be used with the Momentary Tile layout.

I put together a Virtual Momentary Switch driver that is a Switch, Momentary, and Button. That probably provides the best flexibility between Rule Machine and SharpTools for a ‘button’ type of functionality.

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