Dashboard Themes and Hero Attribute Tiles

We are excited to announce another SharpTools.io platform release that brings with it new dashboard settings (colors and tile sizes), hero attribute tiles, and other enhancements!

Dashboard Settings / Theme

By popular request, we are introducing the first release of Dashboard Settings which brings with it the ability to customize the size of dashboard tiles and custom colors that apply to a whole dashboard.

When you tap the ... menu in the bottom right corner of a dashboard, you now have an option to configure the Dashboard Settings. These settings apply to the specific dashboard you have open at the time allowing you to set colors and sizes per dashboard.

Note that the options for setting individual tile colors still exist and allows you to override your dashboard level tile colors. For example, if I used the default dark gray color and light blue active color, I might want to override the color of specific devices like door locks and garage doors to a bright orange so I could clearly see specific devices that need my attention.

Also note that there is an ‘Advanced’ switch in the top-right corner of the dashboard settings which exposes the ability to invert the active/default colors of various device types. Some sensible defaults are included so that things like door locks and garage doors are highlighted in the active color to bring your attention to these devices when they are in an insecure state, but feel free to customize to your liking!

Hero Attributes

Another popular request was the ability to display a single device attribute like temperature or humidity in the center of a tile. This release includes a new ‘Hero Attribute’ layout which can be used to display your favorite values in large font!

To access the new Hero Attribute functionality, add a Thing to your dashboard and then follow these instructions:

  1. Tap the ... menu on your Thing Tile and choose ‘Change Layout’

  2. A dialog box showing the list of available layouts will be shown - pick ‘Hero Attribute’

    Note that some device types offer different layouts:

  3. Once you’ve changed to the new layout, a default hero attribute is displayed along with reported units (if available).
    image image

To customize which attribute is displayed and how it is displayed (units, font size):

  1. Tap the ... menu on the tile and select ‘Edit’
  2. When the Hero Attribute layout is used, you have options for:
    • Primary Attribute
    • Secondary Attribute (optional)
    • Overriding the Units
    • Customizing the size of the content:


Other Enhancements

This release also includes a number of enhancements:

  • Devices are sorted in Rules
  • Fix rule activity order by dragging on iOS
  • Added message indicating SMS rule action is limited to US
  • Music Player now has an active state for colors
  • Behind the scenes enhancements for an upcoming IoT platform integration
  • The main content of tiles now scales to fit the tile size
  • General bug fixes

What would cause only button attribute to show up when picking a hero attribute for a Ring doorbell Pro?

On SmartThings? Currently, the Hero Attribute tiles show a supported set of attributes based on the device’s core capability as well as a few common attributes (eg. battery, humidity, temperature, power). These core and extended attributes all have subscriptions setup for them automatically and thus are available for use in tiles.

My goal is to be be able to expose all of the attributes like we do in the Rule Engine. It’s on the hit list!

What attribute(s) were you hoping to show?

Was hoping to show motion. In the SmartThings apps, the Ring device shows button, motion sensor and live stream.

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I’ll add motion to the list of extended attributes and include it in the next deployment. :smiley:

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Thanks! It changing background color on your list?

Yes - thanks for mentioned it though as it helps me better understand what’s important to the community! And better handling of ‘text’ colors is on the list too as currently the text always defaults to white which works well on a colored background, but you can choose a light/white colored tile background!

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This was included in the SharpTools.io platform release tonight. Thanks again for the suggestion! You can find more details in the following thread:

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Hi Josh, I’m using the Inovelli 4 in 1 sensor under ST. I have created 3 dashboard tiles and using the Hero Attribute assigned one to Humidity, One to Temperature and one to Iluminance. They are not updating. Temp stays at 0 degrees and Lux and Humidity have no values. They are all showing data in the ST app. Any ideas? Thx.

Hey, I got it figured out, thanks.

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