Rule Tiles and New Icons

We are excited to announce another platform release which includes some great features like Rule Tiles and New Icons!

Rule Tiles

Now you can leverage the power of the Rule Engine in your Dashboards. Create a rule with your desired actions and conditions and then add it to your dashboard! When you tap the tile, your rule will be triggered and the flow will be executed.



Note that there is no need to add a special trigger to the rule, but if you have any triggers on the rule, they will separately trigger the rule in addition to you being able to manually trigger the rule from the dashboard.

New Icons

By popular request, we have added a number of new icons to the dashboard Tile Editor. The new additions include lighting, media, fan, electrical outlet, and brand icons.

Thanks again for the specific icon suggestions. If you have any additional requests, please let us know!

Other Enhancements

  • Motion sensors properly reflect their ‘active’ state for highlighting
  • motion is an available attribute in Hero Attribute tiles
  • humidity has a fallback default unit of %
  • New homepage with better descriptions of features and functionality
  • New modal windows throughout the whole application
  • Improved performance of client-side pages
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements

I can’t find a window icon in the list. Is there one?

I don’t think there’s a good representation of a window yet. I’ll add it to the request list and get it in an upcoming release!

The guitar and xbox icons are awesome. Now I need to creates rules for my gaming and guitar playing routines.

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Thanks to @Gilbert_Tunmer for the suggestion on the brand icons. I wish I could say I’d be setting up a Harmony activity tile to start my Xbox, but it’ll more likely be YouTube Kids now that my kids have taken over. :stuck_out_tongue:


Great response to suggestions! Keep up the good work.


Sorry I’ve been a little quiet. Traveling for the past week but can’t wait to get back and see the changes!
You guys have been amazing with feedback and how quickly you’re implementing changes


What about something like the following?

I still want to tweak the gaps around the window to make them more apparent at the smaller size and perhaps make the closed window pane more like a than a , but I think conceptually it would work?


That’ll work!

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@Keo FYI - the window icons were included in the latest release:

You can find more details on the rest of the features included in the release here:

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