Rule Engine Device Sorting

I just started playing around a bit with the rules engine. I like it. Similar to webCoRE but seems easier to use wth the way you guys have more of a visual interface.

One suggestion if it has not already been suggested is to find a way to sort the Devices in the Event Trigger Device drop down. Alphabetical maybe? When you have 40+ devices it is somewhat of an annoyance trying to find the device you want.


Thanks for the feedback, Kevin!

Better sorting of the devices is coming soon. We’re working on adding support for more platforms, so we are looking at how we might redesign the device picker approach altogether to make it easier to find the device you want.

I’ll look at sorting the devices alphabetically as a quick fix though!

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Thank you Josh. Maybe also a search bar at the top of the dropdown so as you start typing something (ex: kitc), the kitchen devices come up. Just a thought.

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Hi Kevin, did you just read our minds? :grinning:
@Josh and I was just talking about that in the device picker. Great minds think alike. Thanks for the great feedback.

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@Kevin_Struck We just rolled out the new release which includes the alphabetical sorting on device, command and attribute list in Rule Engine. There are several other cool features like dashboard themes and hero attribute. Check it out.

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