SmartThings Motion Sensor Temperature

Is there a way to make the SmartThings motion sensors show the temperature? Also the multipurpose sensor? I like to keep an eye on temps around the house.

yup. I use tasker to grab the values and then have Alexa or home respond to “what is the temperature XX” XX being location.

for a single monitor is just a return, but for example, when I ask about the outside temperature, I use multiple sensors and do math since areas of the yard are different Temps. *same with the inside… if your have multiple in one room, check all of them and do math to get an average. it’s a better result than one sensor baking in the sun or one that’s always in the shade.

here is a snap of my setup in tasker:

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@Nathan_Cabe if you are referring to on the dashboard, I’m working on adding a ‘Hero Attribute’ layout where you’ll be able to pick a single attribute as a main attribute to display in a large size in the center of the card.

Or are you just looking to have the temperature added to the existing Motion tile?


@thecolor_cypher that’s an awesome use for the Tasker setup. I love the averaging of the values together to get a better idea of the temperature.

Originally yes just asking for the temp to be added to the tile. But i love the idea of the hero attribute.

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Looking forward to being able to select a different attribute like temperature as the “hero” for a tile!


@Nathan_Cabe and @Jive we just pushed the Hero Attribute Tiles live with the latest platform release: Dashboard Themes and Hero Attribute Tiles


Very Nice, Thanks! Works very well!


Nice! Would love a way to change tile color based on the thing’s temperature attribute (which I can now display thanks to this update), but this is definitely a nice update :slight_smile:


Like a per tile setting where you could set a threshold for changing between the default color and active color? Eg. If > 90 then active, else default

just guessing here but maybe… as like the ST app, the hotter it gets the more red it turns. The cooler it gets the more the shade turns from green to blue
red-yellow-green-blue , Hot-warm-cool-cold ?

Just guessing out loud

Ideally for a temperature tile there would be multiple thresholds where the tile’s color would change from blue (sub-zero), to green (comfortable), to yellow (warm), to red (every day right now) with gradual shades in between threshold points.

That may be a tall order just for a single type of tile, though. An alternative may be a “custom” tile where we can use attribute data and javascript to control the title’s layout, colors, text, etc. As custom code for such a tile would run on the client side, any inefficient code added by a user would only put a strain on their own browser, not SharpTools’ server.

I haven’t looked into Rule Engine’s functionality yet (only just requested access), but if it doesn’t currently have it, interaction/control of tiles may be a great way to make it easy for users to customize tiles based on their desired parameters.

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I’ve been thinking a lot about extensibility and the ability for users to build their own tiles. I’m mostly worried about security issues - allowing the running of arbitrary JavaScript opens up additional risk.

We really want to foster an open platform with the ability for users to customize things… but not at the risk of security, so we want to make sure we think through this clearly.

The next logical step is for code to start being shared - and what happens when someone starts sharing malicious code and people inadvertently start installing it without knowing what it does?

True, there is a potential risk, but I think the community will vet contributions like a lot of other HA platforms that allow arbitrary code to be run (e.g. SmartThings, Node-RED, etc.). There are usually enough users with programming experience in these communities that nefarious code will be found relatively quickly.

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