Hue Motion Sensors

I have Hue Motion sensors attached directly to my Hubitat Hub. These sensors have Motion, temp and Lux but i have no option to specify if I want the tile to be motion, lux or temp. The tile is automatically selected as motion when added. Is there a way to add lux and temperature as separate tiles?

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You can use the Hero Attribute tiles to display any value in large font (and optionally a secondary attribute in the footer of the tile).

image image

You can find more details on how to use the Hero Attribute tiles in this post:

Currently, the available attributes to select from in a Hero Attribute Tile are limited based on the core device capability (with temperature being one of those). I’m working on an update to the Hero Attribute tiles for Hubitat users which should make all of the attributes available for use which would give you access to lux and other values.

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This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.

Edit: I also did notice that when you are using Hero Attribute, that no icon is displayed even if you select one. Its not a big deal was more of wondering if it was intentional due to the ability to add multiple attributes.


That’s a good point! :stuck_out_tongue:

I originally planned on supporting both an icon and displaying a hero attribute, but things became pretty cluttered in the normal 1x1 tiles. I need to spend some more time thinking about how to best implement this…

Did you have a particular use case in mind for showing the icon?

I have Xiaomi temperature sensors that only display temp and humidity I was thinking about adding the icon to.

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Unrelated but, I have an android phone, is there a way to save the shortcut so that when I click on it from the desktop it automatically launches in full screen?

Yes, in Chrome for Android, open the browser menu and select ‘Add to Home screen’.

The app will get pinned to your homescreen with the SharpTools icon and when you open it, it will load with a splashscreen showing the SharpTools logo while it renders the web app. :sunglasses:

I did setup the shortcut but it does not open in full screen, I still have the Sharptools bar up top. I am looking to set it up so when I use the shortcut all I see is the tiles.

I’m working on adding a setting that you will be able to enable on a per-dashboard basis for hiding the top navigation bar and hiding the ... bottom menu button.

In the meantime, once you open your desired dashboard, tap the ... in the bottom right corner to open the menu and select [ ] Fullscreen which hides the top navigation bar and makes the browser fullscreen (although, in the Add to Homescreen case, it’s technically already fullscreen).

Just an update that there’s a new Kiosk Mode option available in today’s release. You can either use the View (Kiosk Mode) option from the ... menu in the dashboard list or append ?kiosk=true to your dashboard URL to directly open the dashboard with the navigation bar and ... menu button hidden:

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