Duplicate zwave things

I have 2 things that are showing up twice in my “things” list when I am designing my dashboards. They both happen to be items I just added. I recently added a smartthings door sensor along with another zwave outlet to smartthings. I have updated my connection to sharptools, but that has not helped. The outlet actually shows up 3 times in my list of sharptools things. Is there anyway to delete the duplicates? I have tried removing them and re-adding, but I think thats how I got the duplicates

Also, the door sensor also has temperature, but when i pull that into sharptools. I can only get it to display open/close. When I authorize the smartthing connection, it shows up as a temp sensor, but it doesnt flow to the dashboard. I dont need the temperature, but wanted to know if I was doing anything wrong.

PS, I love sharptools in the short time I’ve used it. Is there any way to show my support?


Thanks for the message and sorry that you are seeing duplicate devices. Can you confirm which platform the duplicate devices are connected to? You mentioned that you have SmartThings but I wasn’t sure if all the devices were on SmartThings or if you also had Hubitat.

Try using the Hero Attribute layout which lets you pick which attribute you want to display. While you are editing a dashboard:

  1. Tap the ... on the top-right of the tile corner and choose Change Layout
  2. Select Hero Attribute from the list of available layouts
  3. Tap the ... on the newly converted Hero Attribute tile and select Edit
  4. Choose your desired Primary Attribute and press Save

Edit: You can find some more information on the Hero Attribute tiles, including some screenshots, in the following post: Dashboard Themes and Hero Attribute Tiles

We plan on introducing a premium tier and some point and we would love for you to show your support that way once the option is available! In the meantime, the best way to show support is to share SharpTools in online communities and social media so other people learn about SharpTools.io :smiley:

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Hey Josh,
All of my item connect through SmartThings.

The Hero Attribute works!

Will do, thanks again

Thanks for the update! It seems I’ll need to do some digging. I’ve seen a few other reports of this on Hubitat, but it’s the first I’ve seen on SmartThings. The synchronization process should automatically deduplicate devices… but obviously something has gotten hung-up there for a few users! :smiley:

Just wanted to provide an update that we’ve improved the synchronization logic which should prevent these rogue duplicate devices and have cleaned up any accounts with duplicated devices. :slight_smile: Thanks again for reporting!


Here’s a link to the latest platform update which includes the deduplication effort as well as some new tools for analyzing your locations. :slight_smile:

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