HE PurpleAir "Sensor" Device Cannot be Authorized

I am using the “PurpleAir AQI Virtual Sensor” driver and device on HE. When I try to add it to Sharptools, however, it does not appear on the list of devices available to authorize.

The problem appears to be that the only device capability in the driver code is “sensor,” which Sharptools does not recognize. If I add the “temperature sensor” or other such capability to the driver code, then Sharptools will pick it up, although it then sees the device type differently and adds an invalid attribute. I can use it this way, but … it’s a bit of a kludgy workaround (variables is another) and might be affected with future driver updates.

Is there any reason Sharptools ignores HE “sensors” when authorizing devices?

You can authorize them manually:

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