Feature Request: Voltage and Generic Capability

First day using SharpTools. Cool so far.
In smartthings I have several devices that show Voltage and Generic values. Like remote devices that show what there LiPo battery voltage in mV, Example, Garden Battery 4100mV
Also have generic value tiles that have there own name. Example, Pump Gallons 20.3gal

These do not show up to select from the Smarthings list

Hi @kampto, welcome to the community. See the article below for how to authorize devices not in the authorization list.

This will allow you to add them as long as they implemented actuator or sensor.

Indeed, they do show up after that. Thanks.
However they show up as Bulbs but I can edit the tile to get the value shown.

Unfortunately there is no Color States selection for voltage.
And another weird thing I have several temperature tiles from similar devices, some allow me to edit the color state and some don’t and only show the inverted selection.

Just getting into this but it would be sweet if I could save a Color State template (like temperature or another like Voltage) and load it to the tile…

You can customize the colors for different states if the tile is using “Temperature Measurement tile” layout which is available if the device has Temperature Measure capability implemented .(You can change the tile layout by tapping the ... at top-right corner of the tile when in the editing mode.)


What do you plan to set the colors for different voltage states? Please note that you can use Hero Attribute layout and specify the Primary Attribute to voltage and the default/active colors if you want the
tile to display the voltage, and change between default/active colors accordingly.



And thanks for the tile template idea, I’ve noted it down. :grin:

Cool, template would be great if it included everything.

Edit tile: new field, Load Template. this saved template (custom name; Temp, voltage, etc…) has color or color states, wrap, icons, sizes, primary/secondary attributes, hero attribute or not.

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