First Alert Smoke/CO detector with Hubitat and HubConnect

I’m trying to put my First Alert Smoke Alarms on my panel but I can’t get them seen. I can see it in the devices tab but when I go through the app for Sharp Tools it won’t show up, even on the second screenfor other devices. Any suggestions?

I made sure that he device shows and works property on Server hub and Client hub with all necessary drivers.

First Alert Smoke Alarm - HE hub with HubConnect - Server Hub - Sharp Tools

@Phil_Blancett, try using the instructions in this post to authorize it as a Sensor/Actuator from the built in Hubitat admin UI. The reason why it doesn’t show up in the authorization list when connecting from SharpTools because the device handler doesn’t implement one of the core capabilities SharpTools supports. But you can still add it by following the instructions as long as it has Sensor or Actuator capability.

Yes I tried that before, I changed the driver to generic z-wave smoke detector on the Hubconnect Server hub and then it was seen. I’ll have to test it now

If you add new devices, you have to give any app / dashboard access to the new device. Very annoying I know.