HEIMAN HS1SA unsupported

I have two instances the ever popular HEIMAN HS1SA smoke detector in my smartthings setup controlled by the Samsung smartthings v3 hub.
However they are not detected by the sharptools device setup/selection authorization wizzard.

Other apps are able to detect it.

Does anyone have the same problem ?

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. Please see the following post for details on how to authorize unrecognized devices:

I have the same issue with a Hubitat hub, any ideas ?

@Robert_Bosetti, you can follow the instructions in the post below to add the devices in Hubitat, if they are not shown in the devices list when authorizing.

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Hi James,
Thank you for your quick reply, I’m fairly new to sharptools, I can’t find the option to add additional devices.
Sorry to be a pain, can you be a bit more specific as to where to find the option …
Thanks in advance

@Robert_Bosetti, sure not a problem at all.:wink:
So first, you will need to open your Hubitat Admin page in your browser using your hub’s ip as the url address, and click on the App option from the left menu.

For example, (your hub will have a different ip)

Scroll down and find SharpTools app, and click on it. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and find “Next button”

Select “Which Sensors”, and find your HEIMAN smoke detector, and then select Done.

Sorry I don’t have the Hubitat hub with me (in the office) so I cannot take the screenshots I want, and these are just whatever I can find at this point but hope this gives you the direction. Feel free to let me know if any questions.

you are a genius ! found it, and working as expected !
Again, many thanks, I couldn’t have done it without your guidance.