Hubitat Hub Mesh devices don't show in Sharptools App

I have 5 zigbee shades on one of my Hubitat hubs. I share them to the Hub that is connected to Sharptools through Hub Mesh. They do not show up as switches in the Sharptools app in Hubitat. Just curious is there is a special trick to get them to show? Thanks.

Do they show up in one of the other sections?

You might also be able to use the manual approach if the devices don’t show up in any of the other sections:

When the shade is directly connected to the hub it shows up in the switches and displays the shade tile in Sharptools.

When you connect it through Hub Connect from one hub to another, and then use the hub connect device to connect to Sharptools it does not show as an option.

I recently consolidated from three Hubitat connections to Sharptools to one to simplify my setup. The shades worked fine when connected through the original hub. It’s the hub connect that is throwing it off.

Make sense?