First Alert Smoke/CO detector doesnt show up to authorize

i had my first alert smoke/co detectors show up on my sharptools dashboard but after my last edit they were replaced with placeholders for some reason. now when i go to authorize the devices in sharptools they are not listed on the authorization page but they are ready and able to monitor within smartthings…any ideas?

Hi @Christopher_Nicoli - you may have originally used the authorization steps from this post:

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Hi, newbie needs some help. I followed the above instructions in smartthings and my 3 newly installed zcombos are still not showing for authorization in sharptools, despite the fact that they show in use by sharptools in IDE. After a while they are not in the additional device section.

Hi @Patrick_Delatour, welcome to the community. It looks like you have connected those smoke detectors to SharpTools already.

I am not 100% sure if I understand what did you mean by this? Aren’t these the smoke detectors you added?

When you tap the ... next to your location, do you see these smoke detectors in the Things list? Please note that it may take several seconds to sync devices over from SmartThings to SharpTools when you authorize them, especially when you have good amount of devices.

I have connected them to sharptools but they do not show in my list of devices when i go to manage connections to complete the authorization process.
What I mean by that is that this morning they were gone from this sections nad I had to select them again.

@Patrick_Delatour, thanks for the clarification. Yes, these smoke sensors won’t show up in the device list in the authorization process started by tapping the “Manage Connection” in the user page, and can only be added by following the instructions you did.

Once you completed the instructions by adding them in the Additional Devices step as shown in your screenshots, they are ready to be used in the dashboard and rule, and you don’t have to click on the “Manage Connection” to authorize again.

Please note that we have this in our todo list to include the devices with “Smoke Detector” capability in the authorization list to simplify the process in the future. :smiley:

Thank you for the insight. I was able to create the rules and commands are working perfectly. I get notifications when the tiles are pressed, and to my surprise I have been able to add them as things on my dashboard. Although I had to go back and add them again from smartthings after I authorized other sensors.