Hubitat Virtual Fan Controller not showing up

I have had to create Hubitat virtual switches to control IFTTT enabled fans. I thought if I changed the driver to the virtual fan controller, that SharpTools would pick them up to use with the new fan tiles but they don’t show on the list of devices when I update the connection. SharpTools only support the virtual switch driver?

If the device implements at least Sensor or Actuator capabilities, you can authorize it using the steps here:

If I remember correctly, the built in Virtual Fan Driver from Hubitat doesn’t expose either of those capabilities. In that case, you can use this custom Simulated Fan driver for Hubitat which also exposes actuator and sensor capabilities.

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Thanks Josh! I will try that. I think I have to go back to just the virtual switch because Hubitat doesn’t make that virtual fan driver available in IFTTT. I have a bunch of ceiling fans controlled with Bond. right now I created a separate virtual switch for each fan speed. Was trying to figure out how to simplify it down to 1 tile. Keep pressing to cycle thru the speeds. Could create a rule with a counter but I worry if it gets out of sync with Bond it will be a mess!