Beta Testers Requested!


We are rolling out a new beta tester program for the platform and are looking for beta testers!

The goal of the beta program is to enable us to fine-tune releases and ensure we’re delivering the best possible product and experience! As a side-effect, beta testers also get to try out the latest and greatest features before they’re released to the public.

If you’re interested in joining the beta program, please respond here or send a note to

Dashboard Arrangements - New Line Feature
Request: Dashboard Tile with Text Only (No Icon)
[Resolved] Delay between press and command sent message
Netatmo Thermostat Capability

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are you looking for in a beta tester?
    A: People who are actively using the platform and are willing to try out the newest features and provide feedback!

  2. Will this break things for me?
    A: The beta site is a beta, so there is a chance that some things might not work as expected. That being said, the beta is accessed at a special address so you can still access the standard release on the primary site.

    Note: There may be exceptions to this where changing a setting in the beta will impact what you see on the primary site. You can always choose to register a second account specifically for beta and we can mirror any licenses over.

  3. What is being tested?
    A: The latest and greatest features, updates, and enhancements will make their way to the beta site first. In some cases, this might mean major new features and in other cases it might be tweaks to existing features, layouts, etc.

  4. What kind of feedback are you looking for?
    A: This will vary from release-to-release, but we’re always looking for bug reports! Some releases will be mostly feature complete and we will primarily be looking for bug reports. Other releases might be early prototypes where we’re looking for feedback on what works for you and what doesn’t.

  5. Where should I post about the beta?
    A: When you are added to the beta program, you’ll get access to a new Beta Testers category on the SharpTools community where you can find information about the betas and post feedback, bug reports, and commentary.

  6. Can I talk about the beta publicly?
    A: This will vary from release-to-release. As we post each new beta, we’ll mention whether it’s something that can be shared publicly or if it should be kept private. :slight_smile:

  7. Can I nominate other users?
    A: Sure! Send a PM to @support with your nomination!

  8. Do I need to be Premium user to join the beta program?
    A: We have a limited set of spots available in the beta program, so Premium users have first priority for getting access to the beta. That being said, having Premium does not guarantee access to the beta, nor is having Premium a requirement to join the beta.


Josh - I would be VERY interested in helping this project along. Appreciate the consideration!


I am interested in this. Would love to help


Interested in Beta Testing! Thanks!


I am interested in Beta testing as well. Thanks.


Thanks for the interest! We’ve processed all email and community requests received so far and will post information on the first beta to the Beta Testers Category shortly. :smiley:


Sign me up sir!


I would be interested and like to help.


This sounds very interesting and I would be happy to participate in beta testing. Please add me to the list of candidates.


I would love to be a beta tester.


@josh would love to help out. I’m a little pressured on time at the mo, but always willing


Just starting on the platform, so being a beta tester would be great. No problems if anything breaks.


Thanks for the interest everyone! All community and email requests have been processed.


I would be interested in helping make this great service even better.


If you still need any testers I would love to help.


def interested in being a beta tester!


@Ajish_Abraham, welcome to the beta program. I’ve processed your request.


Interested as a new user. Thanks!