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Thanks! Not sure how I missed the “Details” link in the corner. Love the idea of a volume 1x1 or a 3x1 music tile…I’m not picky…just need to plug that 1x1 place holder! Lol…thanks Josh!


I’d be interested to know how to create a tile to play a particular radio station. We’ve got a Sonos speaker in the kitchen - one of the lamp ones that Ikea have just released - and it works with Alexa on a routine or by voice but it would be handy to have a tile as well.

What automation platform are you using? Is the radio station on Tune-In?

I’m using SmartThings for all my automation. The lamp works fine but that’s just an IKEA smart bulb. But I can’t work out how to add the speaker. I’ve tried running the auto detect on the classic app but it didn’t find the Sonos speaker. I’ve got the TuneIn skill on Alexa. So I just say “Alexa. Play Radio 2 in the kitchen” and it plays on the Sonos.

If I remember correctly, my regular Sonos speaker was found during the normal auto discovery process in the SmartThings Classic app.

@Automated_House indicated that the IKEA Symfonisk speakers should get discovered like a normal Sonos speaker in this thread:

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Once you get the speaker setup in SmartThings as a Sonos speaker, you can setup a rule in the Rule Engine and then use that as a tile on your dashboard.

All of the commands that a device exposes are made available in the Rule Engine, so you should be able to use the playTrack() command to start playing a desired song/station.

Fair warning: the rest of this is from memory and I’m doing it remotely on my Sonos at the office, so I won’t be able to verify until I’m back in the office.

While you’re playing music on your Sonos speaker, you should be able to grab the trackUri out of the trackData attribute when you view the device’s details in the SmartThings IDE. Unfortunately, there’s not a nice pretty interface exposed to do this… but the extra hoops are worth the final result!

Edit: If I remember correctly, when you play a station in the Sonos app the reported trackUri changes from the ‘station’ to the individual song pretty quickly. Depending on what source you want to use, there may be other ways to ‘build’ the URI.

Then in the Rule Engine, you can create a rule with just a single action to play the track on your Sonos compatible speaker using the playTrack() command with the content of the trackUri that we found in the previous step:

Once you’ve saved that Rule, you can add it to your dashboard like a normal tile!

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Just wanted to post an update that I was able to verify that the above process does work for existing Sonos connections.

There’s one big catch though… it looks SmartThings has a new Sonos integration. The one in my original screenshot above is using the device handler LAN Sonos Player. I was having some issues with the SmartThings not showing the updated status of my test Sonos device, so I deleted it and when I re-added it, it was added as a LAN Sonos Player Websocket which doesn’t expose the trackUri anymore and doesn’t show up as a Music Player to be authorized in SharpTools. :confused:

I’m looking into it and will let you know what I find. In the meantime, if you have an existing Sonos connection, don’t delete and re-add it!

Hi Josh,

I have just started using sharptools and really enjoying it. However sharptools isnt picking up my sonos which i have added to ST using ST classic app. I can control Sonos via my ST app but sharptools is only picking up my HUE buls from ST (i only have HUE bulbs and Sonos added to ST yet). Any suggestions?

Also i cannot find the Music tile or volume adjustment tile anywhere in add menu. (im using PC/Chrome to edit).


@RawG - thanks for posting! Unfortunately, SmartThings recently changed the Sonos integration without notice which has broken things for a variety of SmartApps (like SharpTools).

We’re working on it and will be sure to post here when there’s an update!

@josh is that why there is no Music Player tile available anymore or is it that i cant find it?

Right. If a device implements the Music Player capability (like Sonos previously did on SmartThings), the device would just automatically show up as a Music Player tile.

Here’s an example showing me adding a Sonos device from Hubitat:

We have submitted an update to SmartThings to add a new authorization option for the new Sonos integration. We don’t have an ETA on how long it will be until they are able to review/publish.

We have also updated the dashboards with support for the new Sonos device handler (it’s already released in production), so once the new SmartApp gets released, you should be able to reauthorize your Sonos devices.

In the meantime, some people have reported that they were able to manually change their Sonos device Type in the SmartThings IDE to the old ‘LAN Sonos Player’ device handler.

This enabled them to authorize the Sonos device in SharpTools… after which point they could change the device handler back to the new ‘LAN Sonos Player Websocket’. I tried this and noticed that it did get control and track description information working again, but certain controls like volume didn’t work and certain attributes like playback status did not update.

Thanks for the Update Josh, keep us posted on ST authorisation request.


Just an update that the SharpTools SmartApp in SmartThings was deployed today and adds support for the ‘new’ Sonos integration.

The dashboards already have support for the new SmartThings Sonos device handler and we’ve got a neat new Album Art Tile in beta that has support for the new and old Sonos devices in both SmartThings and Hubitat (about the beta program).

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Hi Josh, bit of a late reply but i cannot see any SharpTools SmartApp in SmartThings. I am using classic app. Could you advice where i should be looking at to add these to the dashboard?

You can complete the authorization step a second time to add new devices.

  1. Open your User Page
  2. Tap Manage Connections
  3. Select SmartThings and follow the authorization prompts
    Note: Be sure to check the boxes next to the new devices. :grinning:
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thank you… got it now.


Any idea when the Sonos album art tile will be released? Definitely excited about that upcoming feature!

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@Travis_Nickels my apologies as I just realized I never responded to your post!

I was holding off on replying as we were working hard to get the Album Art tile released and I wanted to be able to share the link to the release… then I totally forgot to update this thread!

You can find more details on the Album Art Tile in the release thread:

Advanced Background Settings and Premium Album Art Tile!
Album Art and Background Settings

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Josh -

This is awesome!! Thanks so much!


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