Music Player Tile


I have a three radio presets on my dashboard that play/stop a specific stream upon being pressed. Question - I was hoping when I put the music player tile above the virtual switches (see below) that I would have the option to control the volume, but it doesn’t give me any option to bring up that value. The player tile turns on and off with the streams but is it possible to have volume control?



The volume is available if you tap the ‘Details’ in the bottom-left corner. If I remember correctly, you were asking for the ability to adjust the dimensions of the music player to 3x1… which would probably fit well here!.. but I was thinking that a 1x1 volume adjustment tile could also slot in well in the blank space once it’s built! :smiley:


Thanks! Not sure how I missed the “Details” link in the corner. Love the idea of a volume 1x1 or a 3x1 music tile…I’m not picky…just need to plug that 1x1 place holder! Lol…thanks Josh!