Do Icons change with state?


Are the icons supposed to change when the device state changes? I am using a garage icon for my garage door but the icon it’s self never changes from opened to closed.

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Several of the built-in capabilities have icons which change along with the device state including garage doors, locks, presence, etc.

If you’ve picked a custom icon, then currently it will display just that specific icon. As noted in the post linked below, I’m thinking about adding a concept of icon pairs (sets/groups) so there would be an active and default icon for many common icon types.

That way you could pick an icon and it would automatically change between the active/default icon as your device changed between active/default states.

What type of device are you using with the garage door?

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I’m just using a ST SmartSense Multi Sensor V4 to detect if the door is open or closed.

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I’m doing something similar with a tilt sensor, so it bothers me too and is on my list.

I had a MyQ at one point and that properly reported itself as a garage door and displayed the appropriate icon for different states. And when I had the devices on SmartThings, I had a custom device that basically mapped together a dry contact relay and a tilt sensor into a single ‘garage door’ device and that also shows the appropriate icon. That’s a workaround that would likely work today.

But still, I think the concept of icon pairs would help for this and other situations, so it’s on the list. :slight_smile:

I am using go control.

Can you link to the device driver if it’s a community driver?

I could, but what would it gain me?

I mean that I would like to see the device driver code. :grinning: If it implements the Garage Door Control capability, it should show up as a garage door device by default and automatically show the state of the door as open/closed and reflect that accordingly in the icon. If it doesn’t, I might be able to make some suggestions on adjustments to the device driver code to get it to show up as a garage door device.

I am using the HE generic garage door opener device.

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The latest platform release includes an enhancement for properly recognizing Garage Door Control devices from Hubitat.

What about sprinklers. I have a Rachio controller connected to smartthings. I would like to change the icon when a zone is active. Is that possible?

Not at the moment, but I’ve noted the use case.

In the meantime, the most common approach is to use active color highlighting to indicate which device(s) are active. You can either apply coloring to a whole dashboard or to each individual tile.

Apply Colors at Dashboard Level

  1. Open your desired dashboard
  2. Tap the ... in the bottom right corner and select Configuration image
  3. Check the box to enabled Override Default Colors
  4. Choose your desired Default and Active color and press Save

Apply Color on Individual Tile

  1. Open your desired dashboard
  2. Tap the ... and select Edit
  3. Tap the ... in the top-right corner of your desired tile
  4. Check the box next to Color
  5. Choose your desired Default and Active color and press Save

Edit: Not sure why the cursor is showing in the wrong position, but hopefully the videos still give you an overview of the steps.

I would not mind even the ability to pick the open or closed icon myself. I have a tilt sensor that is a garage door, and changing the icon with he color would be great! n hope it comes soon

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The latest beta includes support for choosing icons and colors for each device state (for a number of device types). I’ve added each of you to the beta program and you can find details on the new feature in the following post in the private Beta Testers category:

For anyone else who is interested in joining the beta program, you can find more details on how to join the beta in the Beta Testers Requested! thread.