Fan Tiles, Battery Tiles, Label Tiles, and More!

We’re excited to announce the next release which brings with it several new features, tons of feature enhancements, and a few bug fixes!

Fan Control tile

The Fan Control Tile is a brand new tile for controlling fan devices in Hubitat and SmartThings.

The Fan Control Tile includes loads of configurable options including what the tile does on tap (cycle between speeds, show a speed picker, change to a specific speed), spin animation, and more!
image image

Note: Hubitat devices must implement the Fan Control capability and SmartThings devices must implement the Fan Speed capability for this tile to become available.

Battery Tile

The brand new Battery Tile layout displays a battery icon which depicts the approximate battery level (to nearest 1/4ths) and can change colors to reflect warning and alert levels.


Label tile

A brand new tile that enables you to display whatever text or emojis you want in a tile.

The Label tile includes several options for formatting size of text, positioning, color and more. By default, the tile shows up completely transparent, but you can configure a color on the tile to display it more like a traditional tile.


Tip: Check out how you can use emoji in a Label tile to display large emoji in a tile!

Tile Layout Selection

We’ve revamped the Change Tile Layout screen to better support devices that support multiple capabilities. Now choose which capability based tile layout is used.

For example, a device like the GE Motion Switch can act as either a Motion Sensor or a traditional Switch and now you can easily change between the various layouts.

While you can still use a Hero Attribute tile to display any attribute from a Thing, this makes it easier to provide a consistent display within your dashboards!

Other New Features

This was a feature packed release - check out the list below for even more features added to this release!

  • The ‘Adjust’ modal for Thermostats allows control of the Fan Mode NEW!
  • Added option to show Humidity on Thermostat tiles NEW!
  • Added option to Dashboard Tile to show the Label as the ‘hero’ content (eg. no icon) NEW!
  • Added option to show Label on Media Tile NEW!
  • Added options to Clock Tile to hide/show date and day of week NEW!
  • Resource name is now shown in the Tile Editor NEW!

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Even more bug fixes and enhancements (click to view)
  • Show a warning if user opens a dashboard that doesn’t exist or they don’t have access to
  • Added transition animation to tiles that glow
    (eg. gradual fade in/out when switch is turned on/off)
  • Fix reenabling a disabled rule didn’t immediately take effect (reference thread)
  • Fix some numeric rule comparisons didn’t work as expected (reference thread)
  • Fix potential timing issue when single height thermostat tile setpoint is adjusted from modal
  • Fix Range didn’t show numbers while dragging (eg. dim level)
  • Added default hyperlink action (for old tiles with no action specified)
  • Modes / SHM / Routine pickers automatically close when an item is selected
  • Changing Modes / SHM / Routines will show an error toast if something goes wrong
  • Placeholders are shown in empty lists if modes/routines are empty
  • Dashboard names are required and a placeholder is used for anywhere the name was not set
  • Improved messaging around trials and premium benefits
  • Website updates

Loving the label tiles!

One thing I’ve noticed, and I’m not sure when this started, is the temperature trend doesn’t seem to me working. Mine used to but now it displays “0.0”

Glad to hear that you’re enjoying the new Label tiles!

Can you clarify what you mean by temperature trend?

Ah, sorry. I thought that was something you guys would know about.

On a couple of my sensors I can add ‘Temp_trend’ as an attribute so I’ve had that as a secondary attribute. It used to say ‘Up’, ‘down’ or ‘Stable’. But now it just says 0.0.

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I would check the device to make sure that value is still reporting in. You can check this via the SmartThings IDE. My guess is that the state for that attribute is currently empty / null.


I can’t add a Battery Tile for my Thermostat device:

Nice addition though.

Edit: Didn’t tag @josh

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Thanks for sending the additional details via PM. We’ll get support for battery tiles with Thermostats added in the next release. :smiley:

Edit: Battery tile support for Thermostat devices is now part of the latest beta.

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@josh I have the GE 3 Speed Fan switch with Smartthings but I’m not getting the Fan Tile as an option. I’m using a custom device handler. How can I make sure it has the Fan Speed capability? Thanks for all your help

Edit: I should have thought to ask. Is this a custom device driver you built or a community device handler? If it’s a community device handler, I’d be happy to post in the relevant thread to help the device author if you can share the link to the topic. Alternatively, you could try just changing to the official Z-wave Fan Controller DTH from SmartThings. :smiley:

The SmartThings device handler would need to implement the Fan Speed capability. Specifically, the device must expose:

fanSpeed - numeric, 0-3


The official Z-wave Fan Controller driver is a good reference driver. The setFanSpeed(speed) method in that driver is a helpful reference as it shows the supported speed values:

Value Description
0 off
1 low
2 medium
3 high

Thanks for taking the time to respond. Here’s the device handler that i’m using.

I’ll try the official Z-Wave Fan controller and see that helps

I sent the device author a PM. It doesn’t look like he’s been active on the SmartThings community for a few years though. Let me know how things go with the official Z-wave Fan Controller driver. :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, I’m sorry if I come across really thick but how do you even get access to these new and extra tiles (battery, fan, etc) please? Where do I find them?
I know where to get the label tile but there are no other such tiles in there… I live in the UK…does this make a difference?

Thanks in advance for any help…

If the device includes one of the supported capabilities (eg. Fan, Battery), you can add the device to your dashboard and then change which layout the tile is using.

  1. Open your dashboard for editing
  2. Add the item to the dashboard
  3. Tap the ... in the top-right corner of the tile and select Change Layout
  4. Select your desired layout

Thanks @josh , it works perfectly now. I feel silly now cos I’ve even seen that option but fir some reason thought it was for something totally different.
Your speedy and helpful reply is very much appreciated - thank you!

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Battery Tile question
What are the default levels that change the battery level icons please?

I believe the default levels are <10% for alert and <30% for warning, but you can customize them in the tile editor.

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That’s right for the colors. :art::+1:

For the icons it’s: :battery:

Level Icon
< 10 empty
< 30 quarter
< 55 half
< 85 three-quarters
>= 85 full

What am I doing wrong guys?
I have a TreatLife wall Ceiling Fan/Light switch (with independent wiring to each element);
the Light Switch Tile has the dimmer option; however the Fan Switch options are either basic switch or hero attribute - it’s almost like Sharptools doesn’t know it’s a fan.
As I’m writing I went to check directly in SmartThings and the Fan there just has on/off - so it may be a limitation of the Treatlife integration with ST?
Is there a way to change that attribute in ST? Alexa has no problem seeing it as Fan Control Switch
I typically use it from Alexa but it would be nice to have all the functionality as I’m filling out my auxiliary dashboards