Hero Tiles - Keep Text from Truncating

Is there a way to keep the main text in the Hero tiles from truncating when displayed?

I have a couple of devices being used to display the aggregate status of several devices (doors, lights, etc…) and I would like the entire set string to be visible as it is the list of open/on devices along with the date/time of the last change. Here is a screenshot of the dashboard where I have two of these devices and you can see the text in Main Lights is truncated while the text in All Exterior Doors is not.

I am using Hero Tiles for these devices and updating the “details” field through WebCore. I would be ok with just using it as a secondary field to display but it will run into the primary field since there has to be something in there and it will always display a 0 (which I totally understand, plus I like the options to change the text size, etc…that comes from the primary attribute field).

I have the option to truncate labels turned off but that doesn’t seem to affect the actual content. The secondary attribute field doesn’t truncate so I’m hoping it’s an easy fix or possibly something really obvious that I just can’t seem to find, but any suggestions would be much appreciated!


Thanks for sharing your use case and screenshots - that really helps in understanding the request. I’ve added it to the hit list to see what we can come up with. :grinning:

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Thanks @josh! You guys rock!

I’m sure there will be more little things popping up as I’m trying to get all my dashboards working in a functional environment (I went nuts and created a ton of them while I wasn’t actually home to test anything and stopped moving things around when my renters were complaining of lights going on and off randomly) but so far SharpTools is pretty impressive and your support is outstanding!

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How about adding a setting like ‘Main Content Text Overflow’ that you can change from truncate to wrap:


This would align well with the Text Overflow option we added to the new Label Tile.



That’s a really cool looking dashboard! Now after reading your post I’m really curious what device type you’re using for those tiles in order to populate them with the detailed descriptions. Is that some type of virtual device? You mention updating a “details” field… I’m using Hubitat and so far I haven’t found a virtual device that allows me to dynamically set descriptive text and then have it show up on the SharpTools side.

I created a device driver that exposes a variety of commands that can be used for setting arbitrary values on a device. You can find more details on it in the following post:

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Wow, that’s exactly what I’m looking for! Thanks for making me aware of this. I will definitely check it out.

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Now that I’ve tried out the Virtual Values driver, which is exactly what I needed, count me in as someone who would definitely like to see the feature enhancement as you’ve described: a ‘Main Content Text Overflow’ setting.


The Main Content Text Overflow setting is now available in beta (about the beta program). It works just like the video in my post above. :smiley:

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Thank you Josh! It works well!

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How do I add text to swap in the hero tile? I can only choose temp., lux, motion etc…

@carlomonsieur, you will have to use the special device hander that @josh created and shared here which expose the text as an attribute, like temperature, motion and etc, so it can be selected in the Hero Attribute tile

Can you provide more details about your scenario what you are trying to achieve? So we can understand the needs and suggest.

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