Request: Built-in Icon Designer Tools

Admin Note: This request is focused on having built-in tools for designing custom icons (which is a somewhat complex and specialized feature).

Please note that there’s also a request for the ability to upload or link to existing custom icons:

:link: Custom User Icons

Wondering if incorporating user-designed icons is within reason.

What I’m thinking of is probably best implemented on a pc or laptop with a mouse. Provide the user with an empty grid representing the pixel dimensions of the icon. Clicking on a grid location alternately fills or erases it. An actual-size icon would also be shown to preview the design,

And some way to add it to the icon table, or provide an additional table for user-designed icons.

Probably a ten-minute job…

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Thanks for the feedback, Stan! We’ve had a few requests around icons, but this is a unique one! :smiley:

One of the requests we’ve had is to be able to use user supplied icons - either being able to link to an icon that the user has hosted somewhere or perhaps even be able to upload custom icons. We have it on our tracker and interest in icon related enhancements seems to be growing!

Considering that there’s lots of software packages available dedicated to graphic design, I think the ability for a user to design their own icon using one of those packages and then upload it might be a good approach. That would let us continue to focus on value added dashboard UI features while still providing an approach for custom icons. That being said, if there’s enough user interest in a built-in custom icon designer, we’re always open to considering it!


Boy - am I disappointed. I thought for sure you’d get a dozen or so of senior staff to work on this right away!

Seriously - I know there are features more important to more people than an icon designer. But you can’t blame a guy for asking…

I was looking for an icon, and browsed the existing group as well as the unicode collection - which is available on just a few tile types.

And yes, being able to upload icons is probably more useful and practical than being able to design them.

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Are there any specific icon requests you have? Maybe it’s something we can add to our core library of icons.

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I was looking for a spiffy icon for my ecobee temperature sensors.
The current icon:
Was thinking of something like this:
This is the kind of thing I would enjoy fiddling with if I could do it myself, but certainly isn’t something to shove aside anything in the development pipeline!

I thought I would revisit this topic with you. I would love the ability to create custom Icons. I can think of a ton things I would use this for like music tiles, custom buttons for remotes( like Hulu, Disney Plus, ESPN, and others. The ability to grab a logo or an image would really make a huge difference for me. I have kids and this would make the interface more usable for them as well.


Any progress on custom icons?

We’ve been prioritizing other highly requested features… custom icons haven’t quite made it to the top of the list yet. I’d love to hear more about your use-case for custom icons though?

Nothing more than being to select a different icon to more personalize the icon.

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Hey Josh even though I know icons aren’t the main request how about some number icons? Really simple stuff. I’ve created one dashboard that is a TV remote control, however I couldnt put a number pad on the dashboard remote only because there are no number icons.

I would also suggest some icons with a simple color (like a yellow button, green button, red button, etc).

Another possibility would be using a media tile linked to web image and attribute a rule to that media link when clicked on. This would also work as well.




Enabling user-customized icons would be great.
Specifically, I would use it to put radio stations logos on the Echo-Speak integrated items.

Current situation is that I am obliged to add text to differentiate between many radio-stations items appearing on a single dashboard.


I have an idea for custom images for rules that might work. Any of our Hyperlink enabled tiles, including Media Tiles, can use an optional syntax for making calls to other servers (eg. IFTTT, WebCoRE, etc).

Perhaps we could extend this special syntax with the ability to run a rule. That way you could use a Media Tile with a custom image - like that of your radio station - and when you tap on it, it would run your rule.

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Sound like a nice idea, you also need to expose the rules’ IDs.
Will be glad to be the 1st to try, a hyperlink tile with the logo is ready :slight_smile:

When you edit a rule, you can find the Rule ID in the URL:
                                Rule ID

Perhaps we can expose this in a more user-friendly way in the future. :slight_smile:

Thanks @josh, would you please provide a bit more details of where should I include the rule invocation? ($.runRule(“RULEID”))

I’ll let you know when it’s available. Should be included in our next beta release. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: The $.runRule("RULEID") Hyperlink syntax is now available in beta.

How can join the beta plan?

I’ve added you to the beta and will send you a PM with more details shortly. In the meantime, for anyone else who is curious, please refer to this post:

Just an update that this topic has been moved to the Feature Requests category.

Since this topic was focused on building icon designer tools (which is considerably more complex), I’ve also split out a topic focused on being able to upload or link to custom icons - please make sure to cast your votes! :slight_smile:

:link: Custom User Icons

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