Bug: Unpredictable behaviour editing Dashboards

I’m still having woes with editing dashboards. Although it is cumbersome I’ve approached the problem by editing from the top down, one line at a time. My understanding is as long as the top line is full, then nothing I do below that should have any effect on top line. Then I repeat that for each line until I get to the end.

But now even that approach does not seem to work. Josh, I’ll send the video to you via e-Mail. In it you will see the top line fully occupied with tiles and spacers. I make a change on the second line and then you will notice on the right hand side that some of the tiles move upward, one even moves on top of the spacer tile.

This is essentially the same issue that I reported previously but I thought I had a workaround by keeping the dashboard to a width of less than 10 tiles, but the issue has re-surfaced.

My $0.02 is that I would prefer a predetermined fixed grid size that I can move tiles around on that NEVER re-flows. Perhaps I’m in the minority but I prefer to have a dashboard customized to each device I use, vs a single dashboard that re-flows differently on each device.


Thanks for reporting, Gary. I’ll take a look.

Update: I found that I also had to get rid of some media tiles that were larger than 1X1. So everything is 1X1 except for the double width thermostat tiles.

I have a workaround which will help you find the bug. If I replace any spacers which are more than 1X1 with multiple 1X1 spacers, the dashboard can then be edited normally and behaves as I expect.

You can use my dashboard “Buggy Dashboard” for testing if you like.

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I too would vote for no reflowing.

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@Gary_Milne we’ve made some significant enhancements around dashboard editing in the latest beta. Automatic spacer injection, minimized relayouts/reflows, etc. Since you’re part of the beta testers group, you can find more details in the following beta thread:



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