Enhancement Request - Copy Rule

I find quite often that I have multiple rules that are very similar in nature, a few examples.
Climate control rules that operate within a distinct range of time (weekdays between 7:00 AM and 4:30PM) for example.
A rule that Fades multiple light bulbs from 100 - 10 will likely be accompanied by a second rule that does the exact opposite under a slightly different trigger.

Being able to copy an existing rule would speed the process considerably vs having to setup a new rule from scratch each time.


@Gary_Milne, thank you for your feedback. Copying rule is in my list, but I need some time to wrap up the UX design. :blush:

If I may suggest a dialog similar to that used for Dashboards would be consistent.

Options would be:
Disable\Enable (save opening the rule in order to make this change.)

At some point when you have logging exposed this would be the perfect place to also add “View Log”

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Could I also add that it would be nice to see the last time the rule was run without having to open the log file.

@Gary_Milne, I like the idea. I will add it to my item. Thanks for your feedback. :blush:

@Gary_Milne today’s beta release include a new ... edit menu for rules that includes the requested options:

  • Edit
  • Copy
  • Disable/Enable
  • Delete

Since you’re part of the beta group, you can find more details in the following thread:



For other people who may be interested in this “rule copy” feature, it has been released to production yesterday, including the “rule quick edit menu” discussed in the thread and bunch of other enhancements and new icons. Check the release announcement from the link below for details. :grinning:

James, I now have enough rules that I need to scroll down in order to get to the New Rule button. A minor annoyance I know but I do think the “New Rule” button would be better placed at the top of the page for that reason.

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Thanks for the feedback. I will look into this and discuss with @josh how we can improve on this one. We want to keep the UI consistent, so need to spend some time what makes most sense in other places as well.