Enhancement Request - Copy Rule

I find quite often that I have multiple rules that are very similar in nature, a few examples.
Climate control rules that operate within a distinct range of time (weekdays between 7:00 AM and 4:30PM) for example.
A rule that Fades multiple light bulbs from 100 - 10 will likely be accompanied by a second rule that does the exact opposite under a slightly different trigger.

Being able to copy an existing rule would speed the process considerably vs having to setup a new rule from scratch each time.


@Gary_Milne, thank you for your feedback. Copying rule is in my list, but I need some time to wrap up the UX design. :blush:

If I may suggest a dialog similar to that used for Dashboards would be consistent.

Options would be:
Disable\Enable (save opening the rule in order to make this change.)

At some point when you have logging exposed this would be the perfect place to also add “View Log”

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Could I also add that it would be nice to see the last time the rule was run without having to open the log file.

@Gary_Milne, I like the idea. I will add it to my item. Thanks for your feedback. :blush: