Icons, Editor Layout Enhancements, Rule Quick Edit Menu

We’re excited to announce the next SharpTools.io release which includes a number of popularly requested features and enhancements:

New Icons + Icon Search

Tons of new icons based on popular request - including icons for vacuums, patios, laundry rooms, genders, pets, fall, sports, drinks, outdoors, brands, and more!

And a brand new search functionality to make it easy to find the icon you’re looking for!

Expand to view new icons 👈

Tap the image below to view a larger version:

Revamped Editor Drag-and-Drop / Add / Remove logic

A major focus in this release was on simplifying the editing experience and improving some things that new users found unintuitive. Specifically, we’ve minimized the number of things that trigger a dashboard to be reflowed while editing and now automatically inject Spacer tiles.

This makes it easier to add/remove tiles without affecting the layout of your dashboards and easier to place tiles without having to remember to inject Spacer tiles before saving.

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  • Adding/Removing Tiles: Previously, anytime a tile was added or removed from your dashboard, the tiles would automatically reflow to fill the collapsed space. Now, the tiles remain locked in their original positions.
  • Minimize Reflows: A major focus with this release was on preventing the ‘reflow’ / ‘relayout’ that has been a frustrating point for many of you!
    • Previously, the dashboard would automatically trigger a relayout on a variety of events, including the addition/removal of tiles and the dashboard canvas size changing.
  • Auto Spacers: Another point of confusion for new users was the need to manually include Spacer tiles before saving a dashboard.
    • Now, when a dashboard is saved, the system will automatically inject spacers to keep things positioned as you had them laid out.

Note: Certain things will still trigger a vertical shift - if you have any empty spaces above a tile that were created by removing another tile, if you drag any tile, it will collapse vertical space (eg. collapse vertical space while maintaining horizontal position).


Rule Engine: Quick Edit Menu

  • You’ll find a new ... overflow menu in the Rule List screen allowing you quick access to:
    • Copy a Rule: creates a copy of the rule and takes you straight to the editor to make any needed changes and choose to save or discard the copy
    • Enable/Disable a Rule: quick toggle to enable or disable a rule
    • Delete a Rule: upon confirming your choice will delete the rule

Other Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Added support for inline icons in Hero Attribute Tiles!
  • Fixed: Navigating back from other parts of the app to a dashboard could cause the tiles to be the wrong size or colors not to be applied properly
  • Fixed: dashed lines indicating expected tile position were sometimes left on a dashboard after removing a tile
  • Added warning when setting a tile size smaller than 50px

I just had to make an adjustment to an existing dashboard (replaced an old tile with a new tile) and it was painless. Thank you for the update! It was nice having everything “stay put” as I was making the change.


Holy cow the update to the layout editor is a godsend! It was so much easier to make adjustments as compared to before. I was hesitating to edit my main screen and would have rather cut out my eyes before attempting it. Those icons going flippy floppy every time you tried to move something or, god forbid, tried to insert an icon on a busy screen have vanished. Now I can edit with pleasure! :slight_smile:


What do you have to do to enable the new editing features?..my tiles still move while editing.

Thanks for posting, @Mark_Terrace! The editor is available to everyone by default now.

Note that when you drag tiles or resize your screen, it will still cause tiles to move. Is that what you’re seeing?

Hi Josh,

You’re right it’s the vertical move that gets me…it’s like playing that little number tile game where there is only one open space and you have to get the numbers in order - moving tiles around to get it the way I like it - lol…I see now what the changes were - I can leave a vertical row blank and thy won’t cross that line…my biggest issue is the tiles moving vertically down when I add a tile, It would be better for my dashboards if the tiles shifted right. For example - If I added a new light next to my lock, everything would shift down…and in order for me to have the rest show up in the order I placed them, I would have to keep moving the one that dropped down - up and to the right, causing the next one to drop down…I’m probably not making sense, lol…

Anyway - Thank you for the great support and the dashboards are really working awesome! Happy to be a customer! I was worried when I moved to Hubitat that I lost my dashboard that I had with someone else…then I found Sharptools.io!!!

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