Icon change based on status

Is there a way to set up a rule or something else where the tile icon changes depending on status?
for example, a presence sensing tile, I would like it to show the location icon while someone is home, and the Location Icon with the slash through it when that person is gone.

The Presence Sensor Tile should do that by default (as long as the icon hasn’t been overridden).


A number of the core capabilities like locks, garage doors, presence, etc will automatically change icons to reflect their state (as long as the tile’s icon has not been overridden)

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Ok I will reset the icon. Thank you Josh.

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While I think the original question may have been resolved by resetting the tile’s icon to default, I wanted to note that we’ve added support for custom icons and colors based on device state to the latest SharpTools.io beta. I’ve added you to the beta program and you can find details on the new feature in the following post in the private Beta Testers category:


For anyone else who is interested in joining the beta program, you can find more details on how to join the beta in the Beta Testers Requested! thread.

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