Netatmo Thermostat Capability

I’ve posted about this before but just wondered if there was any new information out there. My Netatmo Thermostat works fine in the ST app. But when I add a tile to SharpTools (or to ActionTiles when I was using that), I don’t get the controls to adjust the temperature. I can see the inside temperature and the target, but I don’t get any controls. As far as I know, this is because the device handler doesn’t have the thermostat capability.

I could really do with sorting this and wondered who I can put some pressure on. Is it a Netatmo issue or a Smartthings issue?


I think it’s something we can work around on the SharpTools side.

Looking back on my notes, you shared a screenshot of the capabilities and the issue is that the thermostat implements the individual Thermostat Heating Setpoint capability, but not the broader Thermostat capability.

This is basically telling us it only supports heating (eg. no cooling). Are you already part of the Beta group? If not, perhaps you could join and I can see if I can prioritize this for an upcoming beta.

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Sounds like a plan. Sorry, how do I get on the beta group? I’d be more than happy to join that.

I can’t remember what I get when I add a tile now. But I don’t think it shows as a thermostat. I’ll have a play later and see what I can come up with. I’ve just deleted everything on the Netatmo side of things and re-added it all to make sure I wasn’t doing something wrong. Still the same though.

I’ve just added you to the beta group, and you can find more about the beta tester program below.

Welcome to beta program! :slight_smile:


FYI: I sent you a PM asking for a few more details. I’ve made progress on supporting thermostats that report the individual Thermostat Heating Setpoint and/or Thermostat Cooling Setpoint but do not report a generic Thermostat capability.

I’d like a few more details about what attributes/methods your thermostat reports to make sure it’s properly supported with this change. :smiley:

@andy the enhancements around thermostats is now available as part of today’s beta release!



(Top left)


@andy, we have rolled out this Netatmo thermostat tile support along with other features/enhancements to production today. You can find more details here.

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Thanks James! Fantastic work. This is why I’m using SharpTools. It might be a monthly fee but I’d rather pay that and ensure that you guys are motivated to keep developing than pay a one off fee.

All three of my devices that weren’t using the beta have updated the tiles to include Netatmo control without me having to do anything.