Custom User Icons

This is a feature request thread, so be sure to scroll up to the top and cast a vote. :slight_smile:

What would be cool is to have a community icon repository, similar to the css contributions that are on the board. Allow people to upload their icons and be able to search them from the icon picker. Even possibly have some sort of voting on the icons so the “better” ones that are in keeping with the theme get filtered to the top.


Does this request have enough votes or do we need more? Lack of icons are killing me and my creativiness with supertiles.

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It sure has lots of votes, but I think it has to marinate a couple of years.

Like math in variables for example …

This request has bumped its way toward the top of the list and we’re keeping our eye on it. We have a few strategic items we’re working on now to keep the platform running smoothly and I suspect we’ll circle back to this one in an upcoming development sprint.

PS. I personally want Math with Variables too, Stan! Linking it here in case anyone wants to cast a vote on it! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey everyone. I am the dummy version of all you sophisticated ShaprTools users and a bit confused. The built-in icons are great but not for my project. Is there a button to upload an image and apply it to a tile? I know you can create your own “custom tiles” using the URL and HTML method under developer tools but that task is not very straight forward. I am not a coder. Is this feature hidden somewhere? I tend to miss things right under the nose. Thanks!

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Hi brother. I think there is no current way (beside a custom tile), but you can simulate it. Have you checked that you can load your dashboard background ?. Well, in the background image, you can simulate the tiles images, then the real tile has to be transparent, in order to let view of the background, the only issue is you cannot change its style obviously, but you can display a footer, or a device status (with super tiles). Thats it. hope this idea can be useful for you,

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Hey everyone! Just wanted to provide an update that we are actively working on this. If you’ve voted on this, could you please provide some examples of custom icons that you’d like to use?

You should be able to attach the image to your post here. Can you also clarify if:

  • You want to upload the file to your SharpTools account (eg. media storage)
  • You want to link to an existing copy of the image online

As you might surmise, uploading images to your account is a bigger scope with added complexity around file storage, file management, file sizes, etc. So we’re looking to get more examples (and feedback) as we work on refining the scope.


Robot mower icon, Something like this:

I just envisioned custom icons would be implemented via links

EDIT: example icon just for general idea - would customize it to look like the existing “fill” icons

As most of the times…the nicest are more complex, but the easiest is the most practical.
For me, the practical reference for an image could be enough (like dashboards backgrounds), but an account icon storage will rock and take Sharptools users in total appassionate love with the tool…

For me there’s two different things I’d like to see.

1 - Additional icons in the same location they are now. This would be in order that they keep the same ‘look’ as the ones that are already available. These don’t need to be anything special so long as it’s possible to differentiate. For example a Dishwasher:

Also would be good to see Curtains (open and closed) in order to differentiate from blinds (shades) and there currently isn’t a standard icon for a Keypad - something like:

2 - The ability to use ANY icon and save it as in the resource section of account. That icon could then be picked for use on a tile instead of one from the standard icon library. Perhaps SharpTools users should be given some parameters with regard to dimensions and file format etc.

Option 2 would be great as everyones needs will differ. Recently I wanted to use a few channel icons for a live TV dashboard. It took some time as I first had to place the file locally or on imgur publicly, create a media tile with that icon location and then finally set the action on tap to open a different url for the TV channel. It also wasn’t possible to do a 1x1 media tile - the dimensions get overridden to 2x1.

Hi John. Thanks for sharing your examples – since this request is for the ability to upload or link to your own custom icons, the idea is that you would be able to find/source your own icons that fit your needs and upload or link to them.

This feature request is not for inclusion of additional icons into the base icon library. :slight_smile:

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For reference, our base icon library is based on Font Awesome (with a number of custom icons added in), so their Icon Design Guidelines is what we’ve tried to mimic with our own custom icons.

That being said, we didn’t plan on restricting to just SVG icons. Using @Justin_Leonard’s example, here’s a transparent PNG acting as an icon:


You could use a JPEG, but since they don’t support transparency it’s probably not going to look as good with the harsh edges and all:


  1. JPEG
  2. PNG (transparent)
  3. SVG
  4. Built-in Icon

If you’re in our beta tester group, we’ve released the Custom User Icons feature for you to try out!

Custom User Icons - Beta Discussion

If you’re not part of the beta and want to try things out, feel free to submit a beta tester request!

Here’s a brief demo showing the beta in action. In the video, I edit a tile’s icon like normal, but when I go to select an icon there’s a new tab to upload my own icons and use them.


Ah, this will be mint!

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Super! I was hoping we’d get this. I’ll be doing icons this weekend.

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Any plans on sharing your diy icons with the rest of us? :blush:

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I went straight to and took 1month order. Now I’m browsing through A LOT of icons and trying to download all the cool ones to use with SharpTools. One thing I noticed was that it is not easy to find icons for example open and closed blinds. Same thing with dishwasher and washing machine. Icon is usually just icon of dishwasher but there is no indication if it is on or off. Same thing with blinds. I found tons of great icons which indicates that “these are windows blinds” but no indication of the status (open or closed). Maybe I’ll find them later…still A LOT of icons to see… :smiley:

The Custom Icons (File Upload) feature is now available! :tada:

:link: Announcing Custom Icons! (File Uploads)

Thanks to everyone who voted on this - and special thanks to those who helped beta test!