Custom User Icons

Borrowing from the Request: Built-in Icon Designer Tools post, instead of providing a full set of tools for designing icons, this request is for the ability to upload or link to custom user icons.

Note that you can roughly achieve this today by using a Media Tile to display a custom image / icon and then configure the Media Tile action to Hyperlink… wherein you can use the special hyperlink syntax to link to run a rule:


How about ability to reference FontAwesome icons? That would be a good alternative…

Are there specific Font Awesome icons you are looking for? We are licensed for and use many of the Font Awesome icons already… but we don’t add all of them as it would bloat the file size and slow down the initial loading of the app.

Not specifically at this time. But being able to enter the font-awesome icon code (like f26e) to have the system pull from the CDN would be nice.