👨‍💻 Calling All Developers: Custom Tiles

:mega: Calling all developers! :mega:

We are excited to introduce a private developer preview of a feature we are calling Custom Tiles. This enables you to build custom tiles using standard web technology like HTML and Javascript – unlocking practically unlimited potential for integrations.

Edit: Custom Tiles are now officially released! Check out the release thread for more details:
:man_technologist:t4: Custom Tiles - Third Party Integrations

This initial release provides a developer console within SharpTools to build tiles for external integrations - things like weather, music, news, or anything with an API! We’re looking for developers to get hands-on with the tools and provide feedback!

Access is limited, so if you have the requisite skills and are interested in participating, please send a PM to @support for consideration.


We are excited to open the Custom Tile feature up to the broader beta community! Over the past several weeks, we previewed the Custom Tile feature with a select group of developers. Based on their feedback, we’ve refined the developer tools and are now ready to open Custom Tiles up to the beta community.

At this point, we’re looking for more developers and tinkerers to try things out as well as existing beta users to engage with community developers.

During this broader beta, please let us know if you need help with Custom Tiles. We’ve stubbed out a number of ‘starter tiles’ and would be happy to help the community in building their first custom tiles.


If you’re a beta user, you can find more details on how to use Custom Tiles in the following post:


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Okay, you have my curiosity. How does one get started (I am part of the beta group)?

Looks like you caught us in the middle of prepping for tomorrow’s newsletter. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve updated the post above with a link to the topic in the beta category.

Custom Tiles are now available! Check out the release thread for more details:

:man_technologist:t4: Custom Tiles - Third Party Integrations