Icon tile change when state is changed?

Just like colors of a tile can change, how can we make the icon change from one thing to another? Like open vs closed window/door?

:tada: Update: SharpTools now includes the ability to customize icons based on device state!

It’s on our hit list.

Certain devices like garage doors, locks, etc will change icons to reflect their state, but we’ve had requests to be able to change icons based on device state as you’ve noted.

That on its way then?

It’s on our hit list, but not in the current development sprint.

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I’m new to Sharptools, but have come here to get around the recent change by SmartThings in their elimination of text notifications to phones outside of the US. So I have built a dashboard and added things like my Garage door sensor and my light switches.

Problem 1) The icon tile I have for my Garage door sensor never seems to indicate open when the door is opened even though SmartThings api does show it is in the open state.
Problem 2) The icon tile for my light switch shows the light is always on, even if I use the Sharptools tile to turn it off. The light does indeed turn off, but the Sharptools tile never seems to change status.

What am I doing wrong?



Well, never mind. Seems that now it’s all working properly. My tiles are changing status.

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@Allan_P thanks for the update! I was just drafting a response with some troubleshooting steps, but I’m glad to hear things things are working as expected now.

A healthcheck is automatically performed whenever a dashboard is first loaded, so sometimes just doing a full page refresh can help clear things up. :smiley:

PS. I hope the notification options in SharpTools have been helpful for you!

Thanks for the response. I tried several times to refresh the web page, but that didn’t seem to work. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what I did to get it going, so I can’t share that info.

As for the notifications, yes my workaround for SmartThings dropping texts to those of us outside the USA (I’m in Canada) is to use Sharptools to send me emails instead for certain events. I don’t want to use the SmartThings app notification feature because then it notifies both phones that are connected to SmartThings, and I only want the event notification to go to my phone. Hence, I was using the text feature of the Classic app before to send me text messages.

Now the notification of the event has to go from SmartThings to Sharptools, and then from Sharptools to my email, and then whatever time it takes for my email to be triggered. So the biggest drawback will be time delays that may not have been there before.


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The latest SharpTools.io beta includes support for choosing icons and colors for each device state (for a number of device types). Since you are part of our beta program, you can find details on the new feature in the following post in the private Beta Testers category:


For anyone else who finds this thread, if you’d like to join the beta program you can find more details on how to do so in the Beta Testers Requested! thread. :smiley: