Linking android apps to a tile


I am in the process of fully moving my kitchen tablet to using I had played with it a bit previously, but since my LG tablet died when setting up a new one decided to go with it all the way. I am on a Kindle Fire now using SharpTools and Fully Kiosk.

Pretty happy with how things are shaping up for me. I have a tile that we can use to bring up Spotify and that works great. I am trying to figure out how to bring up another app that is not on the helpful page here and wondered if anyone had tips on how to find intents to start up an app. The app is ChefTap. Have googled a bit but not having luck finding it. Probably won’t have anyone here that knows that particular app, but tips in discovering the intents would be welcome!


Since you’re using Fully Kiosk Browser, here’s an approach that works well:

  1. Open Fully Kiosk Browser, slide out the left navigation and select Settings
  2. Under the Web Content category, switch Open URL Schemes in other apps on
  3. Under the Universal Launcher category tap Select Items to Show
  4. Use the Add Application button at the bottom of the screen to select the apps you want to run
  5. Once you have the apps added in the list, tap the pencil next to each one and make note of the App component
    Note: the format looks like the following:
  6. In create the Hyperlink using the intent format, making sure to replace <App Component> with the details from step 5 above:
    #Intent;launchFlags=0x10000000;component=<App Component>;end

So following the above instructions, we’d find the final URL to be:


Here’s a screenshot from step 5 so you can see where the App Component is coming from. :smiley:


Wow thanks for such detailed instructions! I have one new link working and will get my others done tomorrow.