Shaptools Dashboard locking up and web and app version

So iam new to all this Sharptools and have spent last few days working around my Dashboard

I have set up Things with Fully , and all was going fine ,

I set up Ring and Hue with ST and Things , didnt like the time delay for Ring and no grouping of Hue lights with ST , plus couldn’t connect HIVE thermostat (ireland)
So i went down the Unversal APP launcher road with Fully and ST …
Set up RING 1st …all good
from this link

Then set up SPOTIFY …
From then on all tiles are frozen…!
i have tried lots of other apps with urls , none working , even the original RING doorbell URL tile locks!!!
I come out of dashboard reload it , tiles from url TILES are gone,
add them back , go to APP version they are not there either , even when i add them to app version they disappear after exiting dashboard and reloading
So i reset everything , cleared all dashboards, synced back to THINGS, added a single hue bulb,
same thing, add the tile, it does nothing , also reloaded everything back from FULLY re pointed everything to ST , disabled universal launcher ,
everytime i add a new tile of any-kind it sits there , come out of dashboard , reload it all tiles gone…
Scratching my head on this one guys…

I was doing well i promise …

Hi @Philip, it does sound interesting. Do you mind taking a video to help us better understand the issue and troubleshoot?

Thnks for ur reply James

Iam back on track now

Completely reset everything from start
Including Fully/things/ST

don’t know what the issue was but all good now !


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