Request: Spotify Direct Integration

Feature Request: More Spotify Integration

  • Spotify Connect Controls - Ability to switch playback devices
  • Play/Pause, Next, Etc
  • What’s Playing
  • Album Art

Any possibilities here?

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Direct / deeper Spotify integration would be cool. If I remember correctly, Spotify recently announced a beta API for Spotify Connect.

I broke this out into its own topic so we can get a feel for how many other people are interested in it. We tend to prioritize sprints based on user feedback, so it’s helpful to have it posted as its own thread to get more visibility so we can get a better feel for the community’s interest.

I would note there is some Spotify functionality already available in depending on what devices you use (eg. Sonos). I definitely see value in the additional features a direct integration would provide, but wanted to mention that there’s some integration available today. :slight_smile:


be awesome if you could do this. Specifically if we can get clickables for the daily playlists and your saved ones with play/resume, stop, fast forward, rewind.
Not entirely sure how you would get all that on a tile though? it would almost need its own dashboard… but if you got this right you’d be light years ahead.
Grats on the latest update! looks fantastic


An integration like this might have multiple tile layouts available. So there might be one super layout that crams a bunch of stuff into it for people who just want a single tile. And then there might be multiple different tiles for people who want to create whole dashboards or sections of dashboards dedicated to this. (eg. Album Art Tile, Device Playback Selection Tile, Playback Controls Tile, Current Playlist Tile, Made for You List, etc)

I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread to monitor for interest and feedback. :smiley:


Something that Ive also been dying for is integration with Plex. I know someone was working on an API or webhook for it a while back, but I dont think anything ever came from it.
Im also not sure if there ever will be integration with Netflix/Prime/Hulu, but honestly if you could, you would easily be competing with the likes of Control4. I have a feeling the Netflix/Prime/Hulu integration wont be possible though.

My thought on using it would be to have a “main” tile with cover art, play pause, skip. Then a separate dashboard with more detailed functionality.

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One main feature of this, for me, would have to be the ability to change playback devices through Spotify Connect… I use Chromecast Audio as my multi room audio solution.


I would be very interested in this. I am just switching back to Spotify, and having a ‘widget’ that works with this may be the final thing that would allow me to use Sharptools as my main dashboard on my tablet.


My big interest is a Now Playing tile with cover art. Playback controls would be nice but not required. Anything more elaborate (playlist access, etc.) is not interesting to me. I can do that in the app.

I have tried but haven’t gotten it to work yet in the ST Classic app.

Edit: my primary use case for sharptools is a informational dashboard rather than a place where I take action.


Thanks for the feedback, everyone. Just an update that we’ve submitted an application to the Spotify team. We’ll update this thread as we hear back from them. :smiley:


It sounds like you’re already looking into this one Josh, but I’d like to also express interest in this idea. Personally, I’d most value a single large tile with artwork, play/pause button, next track button and shortcut to open the full Spotify app.


I like the idea of the shortcut to open the full app.

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Thanks for the specific use cases!

In the meantime, you can open the Spotify app from a Hyperlink tile or Media tile (with Hyperlink action) today:

For Fully Kiosk Browser on Android, the hyperlink URL would be:


And in iOS it would be:

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Hey Josh, any movement here by chance? I’ve got several Chromecast Audios around my house and I use Spotify exclusively to play music on them. Direct Spotify integration in SharpTools would be awesome.

The only thing I’m not sure of is whether Spotify Connect integration would actually help my situation. My understanding is that Chromecasts don’t actually work as Spotify Connect devices.

Either way, just seeing if there has been any movement here. Thanks for all you and your team do!

We haven’t heard back from the Spotify team yet. As you noted, I’m not sure Spotify Connect would help in your situation either as I believe Chromecast devices are only discovered via another device on the network (eg. your phone) whereas we would be interacting through their Web API.

What are you hoping to do with Chromecast streaming? There are some workarounds that can be done to automate casting from Android devices with Tasker.

I’m really just looking for playback control. As someone earlier in this thread notes, having album artwork, playlist name, etc would be cool but even just play/pause at this point would rock.

I know there’s a SmartThings plugin to set up a node.js server and make Chromecast devices appear as speakers within SmartThings, so I may just end up going that route.

Automating casting from my Kindle Fire would be interesting. I typically start playing music from my iPhone but I’m open to suggestions. I’ll be honest, the new $99 Sonos/IKEA speakers that were just announced are looking more and more appealing…especially given CCA’s limitations.

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Nudge these Spotify people!!! :slight_smile:


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Yeah…thats the way you have to go (I think every business); maybe a good tool to do that is have a space in the sharp tool web where current and future users could vote for the most popular ideas they want to become in reality… (or maybe a mailing poll)…