Request: Spotify Direct Integration

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Spotify can be integrated into SmartThings via the “EchoSpeaks” SmartApp. This allows your Echo devices to interact with your linked Spotify account. Take a look at the section I created on my dashboard that displays album art and gives me control over what is playing, including a search feature that allows me to search for a specific song.

The future of EchoSpeaks is unknown though, as Samsung are going to be terminating it due to it using an outdated Groovy implementation. However, the creator of EchoSpeaks is potentially working on an updated version. I know this isn’t a implementing Spotify directly, but it works, and it works really well! Just crossing my fingers that EchoSpeaks gets updated!

EchoSpeaks: [Release] Echo Speaks v3 + Actions - Projects & Stories - SmartThings Community


I know it’s been 2 years since your reply, but can you explain how you achieved the music search tab? I am semi new to echo speaks but I understand you can sent a spotify search to echo devices with a text string, but I am unsure how to send a custom string from a text box within Sharptools.

One approach is to use SharpTools Variables paired with Rules.

  • Create a Text Variable that you’ll use as your search input (and add it to your dashboard)
  • Create a Rule with a Trigger for anytime your Text Variable changes (and is not blank)
    • Have the rule run the relevant search command on your Echo Speaks device using the content of the Text Variable as your search string
    • Have the rule reset the Text Variable back to blank

With this setup, you would have a blank ‘search’ tile on your dashboard (the Text Variable) which you could tap and enter a search string. When the change is saved, it will kick off your rule which will run the search/play command and then will reset the variable so your search tile gets reset.