App Intent Hyperlinks and Fully Kiosk Browser

Do these hyperlinks need to be in fully kiosk mode?

Yes, the URLs that start with intent: generally only work in Fully Kiosk Browser.

What make/model device are you trying things on?

Huawei mate tablet :+1:

Are you planning on using another browser, like Google Chrome? If so, Chrome on Android can also open some apps with a URL similar to iOS (eg. spotify://)

I am using chrome. I think it does the job and goes into full screen. If I can use links, would you have a step by step?

Do you mean how you would link to other apps in Chrome on Android from SharpTools?

It’s the same concept as with Fully Kiosk Browser or iOS… but the URLs for apps usually aren’t well documented and sometimes aren’t available at all. If you have some specific apps you are trying to open, you might post the names of them here any see if someone can help you find the right URL (if there is one).

Here’s a video demoing the concept with Spotify (spotify://) and Sonos (sonos://):

Thanks for your solution Josh. Is there a setting or code in FKB to automatically go back to the dashboard after a given interval of no activity instead of having to push the back button?

The concepts in the following post might be helpful to you: