Loading a cctv app to dashboard

Hello, I’ve followed some instructions to load a third party app as a widget onto a dashboard. It’s an IVMS app for displaying my cctv, which is installed on the tablet correctly but doesn’t load on a dashboard. Is there any simple way to have a link to a third party app? As I can’t use RTSP streams from my cctv.

Hi @Andrew2, what instructions did you follow, and what intent URL did you use, and if you are using the Fully Kiosk Browser to load your dashboard? If you are using the Fully Kiosk Browser, take a look of the post below, which will get you the exact app intent within the Fully Kiosk app, and don’t forget to enable the " Open URL Schemes in other apps" option first.


That is the instructions I followed that you have just linked.

Thanks for the confirmation. Can you please respond to James’s other questions? It’s hard to troubleshoot without additional details.

  • What URL did you use as the Hyperlink?
  • Are you using Fully Kiosk Browser to view your dashboard?

It looks like there are multiple IVMS apps, so I am not sure which one you are using exactly, but I was able to open the IVMS-4500 app using the intent URL that I got from the steps in the post. See below for the intent URL I used.


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That’s the very same app. Installed and working on the tablet. Used the intent settings and create a hyperlink. And it still doesn’t work…

@Andrew2, can you post the exact intent URL you are using and verify if you have enabled " Open URL Schemes in other apps" option in Fully Kiosk Browser Settings? So we can better help troubleshoot.

Some how I’ve solved it :grinning:

Next question, will this be a different url on another tablet? Ive got three of the same tablet which I’ll be using, with the exact same app set up.

And lastly, completely off topic, is there a way to set a screen saver that is a clock?

The intent URL would be the same if it is the exact same app installed on other devices.

You can create another dashboard with just the clock tile, or along with the calendar month view tile, and use this dashboard’s URL as the Screensaver Wallpaper URL under 'ScreensaverinSettings` in Fully Kiosk Browser. So when idle, this “clock” dashboard will be displayed as the screensaver.


for some reason when i set the screen saver to my new clock dash board it comes up with dashboard not found?

ok so now ive solved the clock, but when it loads, it shows the blue account bar at the top…

You can include ?kiosk=true in your Start URL in Fully Kiosk Browser’s web content settings to enable the kiosk mode so the top nav bar won’t show. See below for example to include the parameter in the dashboard URL.



Solved it!

Is there anyway to remove the boarder around a tile?

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Are you referencing to the “gap” between tiles or the border? Tile gap size can be adjusted in the dashboard settings page, and border customization is available in the current Theme beta now.

Thank you,

I’m in the beta but cannot find an option for the border?

James sent a PM with some details on the beta. :slight_smile: