Fully Kiosk - Quirk After Opening Android App

I’m trying to figure out how to go back to fully in the state it was before I click on the external link. Meaning I just want fully back to full screen mode.
Any thoughts? It always goes back to this. No matter if I use recent apps or just the back button.

@Roman_Gurule, do you mean it always display the Dashboard actions at the bottom whenever you navigate back to the dashboard from another page or app?
What browser are you using and when did you start to notice this issue? If you close the browser completely, is there a pattern to reproduce this issue? Thanks.

Fully, one tablet functions correctly but this one does not.
No real pattern, it just does it everytime.

What differences are there between the two tablets?

One is a current gen fire and one is a 7th gen. Both running fire toolbox.
Just reset fully and just changed the start page to my sharptools dashboard.
Even just hitting the recent apps button and going back to dashboard has the same behavior.

What tweaks have been done with the Fire Toolbox? Are they both running the same version of Fully Kiosk that’s designed for Fire OS devices?

Which of the two devices has the problem?

The current gen is having the problem. Both running the newest version of fully designed for the fire tablet.
I have managed everything Amazon except the key board.

What version number? And which model Fire Tablet?

I’m trying to help find what could be unique about this setup as I haven’t seen it on any of my test devices. Certainly could be something from Fire Toolbox… or something about specific versions / configurations.

Both the HD 10
Fully is 1.42.3

So I’m guessing this is a 10th generation - Fire HD 10 (with USB-C)?

Again, I’m trying to get as much detail as I can to help narrow down what the problem is. This doesn’t happen on any of my test devices, so it sounds like something unique to the browser on the specific device.

This is why version numbers are important. :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl:

I’m running 1.42.4-beta-2 which some might consider the ‘latest’ version.

So you’ve completely reset Fully Kiosk Browser and haven’t customized any settings except for the Start URL? What are you using for your Start URL? If it’s taking you back to the screen shown in your first screenshot, it sounds like you are not using the ?kiosk=true appended to the end of the URL to have it automatically open ‘fullscreen’, right?

I am not on the beta, where would go to get that?
And I’m not using this ?kiosk=true, but it not being used on the 7th gen tab either and it does what its supposed to.

Just installed the newest on the the current gen tablet.

Well poop, seems adding that to the end fixed my issue. Thanks

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Now that I have full screen how do I exit it to edit a tile?

It opens the dashboard in ‘kiosk’ mode which is similar to fullscreen. Kiosk Mode hides the top navigation bar and ... button in the bottom-right. Tapping the ‘Fullscreen’ button is basically the same thing plus it asks the browser to open fullscreen.

On Fully Kiosk Browser, ‘fullscreen’ historically didn’t do anything extra as they didn’t support the fullscreen browser API. On most browsers it makes the browser itself go fullscreen (hide the navigation bars, etc).

Newer Fully Kiosk versions have some control over what Fullscreen does though.

Most commonly, people edit from a different device.

It’s just like any URL though. The ‘kiosk’ mode opens you directly into fullscreen specifically so you can’t edit. It’s designed for viewing the dashboards. You can always navigate to the regular URL manually though.

I always edit from a different device as well. But when I’m trying to add tiles that open apps on the device it’s kinda a pain to do. Partly why I bought the newest gen fire so I could just make quick edits.
I’ll will just delete and then when I get done i’ll will add it back in.

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Some people add a Hyperlink tile to explicitly exit kiosk mode.