Automatically toggle between fully kiosk dashboard and app

is there a way through sharpTools or Fully Kiosk to automatically toggle every say 10 seconds between the dashboard and an app? I want the dashboard to show for 10 seconds then my reolink app for 10 seconds continuously. Is that possible and how?

I wonder if you could use the Fully Kiosk Controller device driver for this. It has commands for loading an app and another for bringing Fully back to the foreground IIRC.

Ill have to look into that but not sure where to start. Thanks

Another approach might be to use an automation app like AutomateIt directly on your tablet. I’ve seen people use the app AutomateIt to switch between apps.

thanks. i will also give this a shot when i get a chance.

This thread has some links to the device driver for the fully kiosk controller integration: Rule to trigger a new screen

I think you would use the commands


Im not sure on the param for launch app package. My guess is the same concept as: Linking android apps to a tile

Then you would need to setup a rule run the commands. I think hubitat can do every 10 seconds and I’ve seen a trick to get sharptools to do it.

The AutomateIt solution mighty be easier though. :rofl: