Custom Tiles - Third Party Integrations

We’re excited to announce the next platform release which brings with it a feature we are calling Custom Tiles! :partying_face:

:crown: Premium Feature
If you are using the free tier, please let us know if you’d like us to reset your trial.

This feature enables you to develop or use community-developed custom tiles in SharpTools! Custom Tiles are built using standard web technology, so developers can use existing skills and technology they’re familiar with.

Creating Custom Tiles

You can access the Custom Tiles feature by tapping your profile icon in the top-right corner of the screen and selecting ‘Developer Tools’.

There are two types of Custom Tiles:

  • URL: points to an external webpage; embeds as iframe
  • HTML: HTML and JavaScript (hosted by SharpTools)

:bulb: Check out the sample tiles we’ve put together below!

Developer Documentation

Looking for documentation? Check out the new developer documentation site!

The documentation is targeted to developers, but also covers the process of creating the different types of custom tiles, so non-developers may find it useful as well.


Sample Tiles

To get you started, we’ve drafted a handful of sample tiles. These are not intended to be fully polished tiles, but instead give you an idea of what custom tiles can do and provide sample code for developers to learn from, copy from, or use as a baseline.

Each of the topics linked below have a button that you can click on to automatically import a draft copy of the tile. Give it a try!

URL Tile Samples

Check out the community maintained wiki for websites and web apps that work well for custom URL tiles:

[Wiki] Good Sites for Custom Tile URL


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James and Josh, I’ve always been super impressed at how fast you guys can whip up a neat cool feature and I have a reasonable request for something. In looking at the URL tile samples on Wiki, how much trouble would it be to do the opposite of a refresh and restore my portfolio back to the prices shown in the Cryptocurrency Tracking?

I would be willing to prepay my premium subscription for the next 100 years.


Can a custom tile display multiple html templates?I have a weather station in Hubitat using the Ecowitt community drives which allow for multiple html tiles. I have figured out one, but I would like to use two to get all the information it is capable of together.

You can add a custom tile to your dashboard multiple times and configure each one with a different configuration. In your case, a different attribute for each custom tile

Not quite wat I was asking. In an example you sent me, you had an overlay dashboard from a super tile. In the super tile I have set up has a big blank spot . Can I use the custom tile from my weathe station here?

No, you can’t use tiles within other tiles. But you can mix and match any type of tiles on a dashboard. And as you alluded to, a common approach is to create a separate dedicated dashboard that you can use as an overlay.

So you could change the dimensions of your Super Tile to be wide and then put the Custom Tile below the Super Tile on a dashboard.

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