Life 360 Hubitat Map Tile

This is a proof-of-concept for displaying Life 360 Geolocation from Hubitat (Map) in a Custom Tile.


:man_technologist: This is one of several sample tiles that were built as part of the Custom Tiles release and is not intended to be a fully polished tile. Please feel free to learn from it, copy from it, or play with it.



This Custom Tile requires the following:

  • Life 360
  • Hubitat Maker API
  • Hubitat Life 360 Community App
  • Google Maps API Key

Note that the concepts in this example custom tile could also apply to any other service which exposes geolocation coordinates, so if you’re a developer and are interested in mapping something else, feel free to use this as a starting point!

You can find the full set of instructions describing how to set up this tile in the project’s README:

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I’m still novice. I have tried playing around with no luck. Does this only work with Hubitat and not smartthings ?

Hi @Dustin_bragg, this specific demo uses Hubitat’s Maker API to access the latitude and longitude data from Life360. However, the latitude and longitude are not exposed in their SmartThings integration.

That being said, this concept still applies if you have a device reporting latitude and longitude, and you should be able to retrieve the geo data via SmartThings API & personal token, and then pin it on the map.