Create "Jukebox" Dashboard with Album Art for Echo or Sonos Devices

I have been using my dashboard to play music to my Echo speakers for sometime, and recently updated my “jukebox” dashboard after the Album Art tile release to give it a visual upgrade. So I am sharing my setup here for those who may be interested, and I am also including the steps for Sonos speaker too.:guitar:

Jukebox dashboard with album art, media player control and music tiles to change the playlist/station

Here are the instructions (tap each step to expand):

Add Sonos or Echo speakers to SmartThings/Hubitat hub and SharpTools
  • Sonos:

    • SmartThings: follow the steps here.
    • Hubitat: install “Sonos Integration” app in your Hubitat admin page, and follow the steps in the app.
  • Echo:

    • Since echo is not directly supported in both SmartThings and Hubitat, you can use Echo Speaks, which is a popular community smartapp/device driver for integrating echo devices.

    Once you’ve added your Sonos/Echo Speaks device to your hub, you can now sync them to SharpTools io in the

    • Tap “Manage Connections”, select your hub platform (SmartThings/Hubitat)

    • Check the newly added device and complete the authorization.

Add Music Player and Album Art tiles to the dashboard
  • Create or edit the dashboard, add the newly authorized Sonos/Echo device to the dashboard twice from the “Add Item” list.(One for music player control and the other for the album art.)
  • By default, both tiles are added as Music Player tile, and you can change it to Album Art Tile by taping Change Layout from the tile edit menu.
    (You can of course change the dimension, colors, and other customization settings like other tiles in the way you prefer.)
Create rules to change the music/station/playlist
  • Echo Speaks:
    • Create a new rule. Leave Trigger section empty and add an action in the Flow with Echo device selected.
    • Select “searchSpotify” command (or other streaming service you prefer)
    • Toggle the Advanced option at top right corner, input the music search term in the “String” field and delete the two “Number” fields, since I don’t need to change the play volume or restore volume. Save the action and save rule.
  • Sonos:
    • Create a new rule by following the first step in Echo Speaks section above, but select your Sonos device instead
    • For SmartThings users:
    • For Hubitat users
      • Since Hubitat Sonos integration doesn’t support “playPreset” command, you will need to use “playTrack” command with specific uri of the song/playlist you want, and the easiest way to find the uri is to play the desired song/playlist first and check the uri displayed in the Sonos device page at the Hubitat admin site.

    • Save the action and rule
Add the newly created rule to dashboard
  • Edit the dashboard and add the newly created rules from the Rules section in the “Add Item” Iist
  • Adjust the position, dimension or icon you prefer.
    (Repeat the last couple steps to create multiple music rules and rule tiles.)
  • Now you can tap on these rule tiles to change the music being played on your Echo or Sonos devices.

Your jukebox dashboard is ready to rock now! :metal:


Simply Smart 123 YouTube channel also had a video for this similar topic that you may be interested if you prefer video instructions. (Thanks Justin for the video.)


This is awesome, But… Is there a way to do this with Google Music?

On what type of device (eg. Sonos or Echo Speaks) and on which platform (eg. SmartThings or Hubitat)?

@Randy_Cooper, if you are using a Sonos speaker, you can create a Sonos playset and add songs from Google music into the playset, and then the rest steps are the same as mentioned in the post. But unfortunately Echo doesn’t Google music if you are using an Echo.

I have Sonos, plus Homes and Mini’s throughout the house and Hubitat.

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Thanks James, this is what I was hoping to hear. :slight_smile:

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Don’t forget to post your dashboard in the “show off dashboard” thread, so we can see your “jukebox” dashboard. I’ve learned people have so many creative setup with these and excited to see more. :sunglasses:

It’s going to have to wait, right now I’m not able to pull up any of my playlists.